chanel for moms?

  1. i'm new to chanel (until now balenciaga and chloe have kept me pretty busy :lol:) but i've been admiring all your photos and trying to learn about the different styles...

    however i'm a stay at home mom with two little kids and need a bag that works with my life (eg. casual, durable, fairly large and easy to access, etc)...i've been thinking about the cabas, cerf (although i'm concerned i won't be able to easily carry it on my shoulder in the cooler months) and soft and chain (but maybe the leather is too delicate)...? :shrugs:

    anyway i would really appreciate any advice or other suggestions! :heart:

    and thank you for sharing all your pictures, i have loved looking at your beautiful bags! :love:
  2. Im a stay at home mom of 3 and I find Jumbo flaps work great for me. I think the cerf tote may be a little too heavy. Totewise I have a black cambon tote. The east/west and classic medium is a great size for me too because it doesnt weigh much. I guess as long as its a shoulderbag it works and that's why I love Chanel. Its functional without compromising beauty.
  3. I prefer totes because they're easier to get in/out of for me when I have a baby on one hip and only one hand to dig into my bag with.
    Here's my collection, I'm a SAHM of 3 {6 yrs old and 3 yr old twins}.
    IMG_2079.jpg IMG_2235.jpg IMG_2251.jpg
  4. I think the GST would be a great bag.
  5. Hey, I remember you from chloe, I think we both got good deals on Betty's last year?! Anyway, you can totally find a Chanel that would fit your needs!! The caviar leather is very durable, I agree that a GST may be a good option. Good luck!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I will say GST, jumbo caviar flaps or check the Chanel Ref. Library for more options.
  8. I think u would like a more modern lookin CHANEL bag.Id say a cambon tote,a quilted SHarpei tote and a cabas(If u dont mind an UNSTRUCTURED bag)
  9. I don't know how old your little ones are but someone posted a Baby Animals diaper bag that was so cute! That might give you a little more flexibility with a tote.
  10. I've got 3 too and though the youngest is 5 I still find myself toting lots of things (does anyone ever quit carrying babywipes? the world's a messy place :yucky:) anyway, my Chanel faves for daily duty are my black GST (silver HW), black cerf w/ the mademoiselle clasp, and my black and khaki cloudy bundle totes. (the smaller cerf is not a shoulder bag, at least for me). Good luck - you will find one that you love, I'm convinced there is a Chanel to suit everyone. :yes:
  11. I'm a mom of a 2-yr old boy & work from home. Since I stay home most of the time, I prefer to dress up a bit when going out. I also a small bag person & don't like to carry things around. So I will pick classic flaps.

    I actually got my first 225 reissue just earlier & if I have another pick. I will still go with medium classic flap. Since I can wear it different ways, especially crossbody, best way to wear when you have to chase the little one. :yes: On top, I will tend to carry a separate bag for my son's food & toys anyway. I'll just leave his bag in the stroller or shopping cart or even in the car, while I can wear my nice Chanel :p

    Tote is not for me as I'll end up putting more stuffs in it & thus increase my load. Also if I prefer not having my purse getting off my shoulder. (I had a bad experience that someone stole my purse when it was just right next to me:crybaby:) Anyway, you have 2 kids, so I think any bags that have chains long enough to wear arcoss body will be the best bet I think.:tup:
  12. My favorite chanel Mom bags are my large cambon bucket bag and my baby cabas. Both are very lightweight, comfortable on the shoulder and hold a bundle. Say the word and I'm at the SHM helping you choose one!
  13. oh wow, how can i ever thank you all?!? :heart:

    luccibag - thanks for the warning about the weight of the cerf, i haven't tried one on so i will definitely keep that in mind

    swanky - what an awesome collection (and 6 year old plus twins, i'm in awe of that too)

    missisa - thanks so much for those pics, that was really sweet and helpful

    lola - that was me, what an amazing memory you have

    thegraceful - thanks, i'm going to check out those ref threads now

    jill - yeah i think my taste tends to be a little more downtown which is why i originally started looking at the cabas (and was totally admiring your sharpei thread a few minutes ago)

    onyxbear - i'm finally just out of the baby stage thank goodness but i was thinking that could make a great shower gift

    macbagger - that wipes comment totally cracked me up, i'm actually packing for a trip tonite and just put 2 jumbo packages in my suitcase! i'm definitely going to try to find the cerf to see in person and i love how those cloudy bundles look so soft and smooshy

    ceci - crossbody is a great idea

    rockerchic - i would absolutely love that! maybe we can pan a date in the fall?
  14. I have dabbled in Chloe-but they are not good for everyday shlepping-weigh too much and handles r too short. I love a GST for everday-try one on for size!
  15. I have the baby cabas and the soft and chain. I find that the soft and chain is more of a "black hole"
    Not really practical for getting things out of quickly.

    I find the cabas to be easier to get things out of but things do kind of get jumbled up in there.

    The GST like some other ladies suggested has the zipper divider in the middle which helps with organizing things.

    Good luck finding your perfect bag!!!