Chanel for men??

  1. I know that this might seem a silly question but... is Chanel designing for men now? I recently came across this pictures and found myself confused :confused1:
    If the answer is yes does anyone know if there's also men's footwear? (I really like Chanel sneakers but never bought a pair because I'm not really fond of buying women's accessories).

    Thank u guys :p
    ChanelGuyiii.jpg 100706_chanel002.jpg 100706_chanel001.jpg
  2. Lagerfeld has always put men in the Chanel show -- a few seasons ago, he remade the classic Chanel jacket into a men's version. But yes, there are pieces of Chanel for me that exist, however I am not sure if its a seasonal collection or just when the mood strikes him.
  3. I've heard there is, but its extremely rare and expensive..
  4. First time I've ever seen this. Not liking any of it by the way.
  5. The clothing is interesting.
  6. yeah, i guess that's why some guys still wear head to toe in women's chanel accessories.

    i just don't see them often if at all.
  7. Yes Chanel is makiing mens clothing i've seen the line and i kinda like it. But it may be very expensive but im not sure about the shoes tho.