Chanel for man

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  1. Hey you guys,
    I have been on!! My question, does chanel has clothes or anything else for man?? They go so much nice stuff for women!

    Bye, Christoph
  2. Check with Chanel in Beverly Hills or Vegas. I once heard a few of the stores in the West carry men's items.
  3. Try going a forum search but I can tell you this much. Chanel does make clothes for men but they are only in NYC, sometimes Beverly Hills. Jeffery in NYC usually has a couple pieces a season too along with a style or two in shoes. Belts are unisex and they make a wallet that is basically a mens bifold wallet. The Chanel sport is sometimes unisex too. The price of clothing is much higher than most mens designer wear, think $700-$800 for a t-shirt, $2,000 plus for a pull over sweater in wool and big sizes are hard to find. Sneakers are about $800 and boots $1500-$2000.