Chanel for less than $1500

  1. My friend and I are contemplating on buying a chanel handbag this November. Can anyone of you recommend a chanel handbag for less than $1500? We're thinking of getting the E/W flap since it fits our budget. Thanks for suggesting other options that we can look at.
  2. i suggest a timeless clutch, E/W is great choice, Rock in vinyl small size...
  3. ^Yupp.

    Patent (or is it vinyl?) or denim cabas, if you can find it.

    Cotton club pochette.

    You can find pics of these in the reference library.
  4. Paris Biarritz. I thought there were some that were less than $1500.
  5. all of the above:yes:
    Everyone named some great options, I'd probably pick up the Cotton Club pochette or Cambon pochette if you can find one.
    There's VERY LITTLE under $1800.
  6. I just bought the Rock vinyl in the small size. It's $1195. The e/w flap is also a great choice for $1395 and of course the Timeless Clutch which I think is great is $995! Lastly I think the PST is $1250.

    That's about all under $1500!
  7. also the timeless clutch is just under 1000...
  8. I'd go with an east west flap, mini flap, or one of those shoppers, I think its called the petite shopper (if you're not into classic flaps).
  9. Let me add that after September the prices are going to go up.
  10. what about the pst? that's "only" $1295
  11. I recommend pst for that price range. I also recommend buying before September, since price is going up.
  12. I'd say PST or e/w flap also.
  13. how much is denim cabas? $1395?
  14. ^I believe it was under a thousand last time I checked, but it might be hard to find now (not sure).
  15. the E/W flap is a great choice, it's classy and right within your budget. The PST is also great...
    Do your purchase before Nov 1st, I think that's the date when the boutique and Nordstrom will have the price increase.