Chanel for Children: Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews

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  1. People Magazine review:

    "At a time when France was the center of all that was wealthy, grandiose and fashionable," Gabrielle Chanel was born poor and skinny. Orphaned by age 12, she learned to sew in a convent, eventually getting a job with a tailor, where she realized her dreamsof glamour and transformed herself - along with couture. With its emphasis on prizing individuality, this is a delight - and a must for would-be designers among the Fancy Nancy set.

    I haven't seen this in bookstores yet, but I will be checking this out!
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  2. Sounds interesting ! She was such an innovator indeed!She did change women's perception of Fashion!:yes:
    Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Holidays!:flowers:
  3. I actually bought 2 copies of this book from last week. One for my daughter and one for my best friend. It's very cute plus.... it's a learning history book.
  4. I have a cousin who has a birthday next month and this is what I've planned to buy her for awhile. I love the idea!
  5. there's at least one current thread on this already:yes:
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