Chanel for all ages . . . advice?


feels like pigsomnia
Jan 24, 2008
hey ladies,

calling to the experts and fashionistas here on TPF to help me with an extra special request :heart:

recently i've been totally loving life - not that it's perfect by far, but more that i've been able to do / experience / meet so many new & interesting things / places / people :yes: i've also come to appreciate my mom a *lot* more than i did before, and to realize that i LOVE MY FAMILY!! :P

of course, my mom's amazing partially thanks to my "i-still-wear-3-inch-heels" grandma! she's the one who sparked my entire handbag addiction by giving me my first-ever ferragamo before i even knew what ferragamo was!! i immediately fell in love with her bag when she came for a visit once, and she surprised me by giving it to me when she left!! :yahoo: heh - can you imagine, a HS sophomore toting around a ferragamo to class?? and then to starbucks & the library?? :rolleyes:

anyway, to come to the point, i had this epiphany this weekend :idea: my grandma's birthday is in november, so for her bday/christmas, i want to get matching chanels for my grandma, my mom and myself :heart:

we actually all have a pretty similar sense of style - things that are classy and timeless, in dark or neutral colors, but with a bit of a unique aspect that you only notice when you take a closer look. we all love my east / west flap, but i think that's a bit small for them . . . my mom especially needs something a bit more roomy . . .

my first thought (of course) was the ultimate soft, but i'm worried about my mom scratching up that pristine lambskin!!

we're all pretty petite (4'11-5'3) so gigantic hobos might look a bit ridiculous as well . . . .

thanks SO much!! i really want to get something special that we all will love & use for a long long time :tup:
Oct 13, 2006
How sweet of you to purchase a gift for all the important woman in your life! Is there a budget you try to stay w/n? For bags that goes from young to mature will be med classic flap, PST/GST, as well as timessless clutch. Something other than bag, i will definitly get the pearl necklace, i can see myself wear it at all ages :yes: I've actually purchased 3 sets of crystal logo earrings few mother's day ago for Granny :heart:, Aunt and me. It's was a huge success :smile:


Hermes Here I Come
Mar 16, 2008
I would go for a classic medium caviar. Caviar is easier to take care if you are sharing bags and are afraid of scratches made by each other as everyone handles their bags differently. Medium is a good size because all of you are petite. And you cant do wrong with a classic :smile:
Color wise is totally up to you, but black would be the safest match, I would suppose.

You are a filial kid and what you are doing is really sweet.


Jan 3, 2008
That is a really sweet story. I think that's a great idea!! Maybe I should try that for my stepmom and grandma next year... anyways, I think a classic flap would be a great idea. maybe in the classic colours? Black, white, beige...


C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
I wouldn't choose the medium flaps if you want something roomy. How about the PST? That's the first that came to my mind. It's fabby for everyday use, roomy enough and a timeless classic. It comes in black, white and beige caviar! I'm imagining all 3 of you carrying PST and it'll be so cute! ;)

Oh! You could get the white for the younger look, your mom the black and your grandma the beige!


feels like pigsomnia
Jan 24, 2008
wow thanks for the overwhelmingly thoughtful responses! actually, i hadn't even thought of getting different colors, that's so perfect, because then if we ever did want to use the other colors we could swap :tup:

veryintochanel - thanks for the advice, i think you're right, caviar may be the way to go!!

stupid question (told ya i'm a newbie . . . ) - what's a PST? :shame:


Rockin Chic
Oct 28, 2007
PETITE SHOPPING TOTE, you can check in the reference library and go to classics etc. and you will find it there along with other classics, that arent flaps (since those have its own thread) GL!
By the way i think med/large flaps would be great!
Mar 7, 2006
What a sweet & thoughtful present you're planning! Besides the PST, I think the Medallion Tote would be great as well -- I've seen it on ladies ages 15-70+ and it looked chic no matter what the age. It's available in caviar....made in numerous colors (black, 2 shades of beige, white, bordeaux, navy, etc.)....and roomy yet not too big/heavy for everyday (not as bulky or heavy as the GST). Also it's one of those pieces that transitions easily from day to night, casual to formal (as long as it's not black-tie formal).