Chanel... for a man

  1. Ok, I am a straight fashion student. I appreciate great fashion, and of course I love chanel. I am looking for a new bag that I can use for school, and I want it to look relatively straight (I know I will still get looks :smile:). I currently have the large Brooklyn Tote and I love it. I am looking for something new. I prefer a tote. Just something that I can use for school, lots of books and such. Something that would fit on my shoulder would be great, but I dont mind carrying it. Thanks for the input :smile:
  2. Lol.. I didn't know a bag could be gay or straight :graucho:

    But I would go into a Chanel store and try out the different briefcases and bags that are more masculine. You are probably going to have to order it, depending on which store you visit. Most of the 'masculine bags' however, are made of leather, so the price is immediately higher.
  3. Oh I know, Ive been in a the soho, madison, and 57 boutiques in the NYC, bloomies, Bergdorfs, and Saks. I was just wondering if anybody had any more input.

    I dont think bags can make you gay or straight either... but I dont think I could carry a hobo :smile:... plus where would I fit my books?!
  4. Maybe you will like the Paris-Biarritz totes? The larger size surely can hold all of your books.