Chanel for a guy

  1. I would like to begin to say that I am a huge Vuitton fan and have a few items (vertical lockit, Marelle backpack) but I am also a very big fan of Chanel, which is quite annoying as it is mainly for woman, only a few mens pieces here and there, but anyway, What bag would anyone here suggest a unisex piece that I could wear daily as I want to think about getting one soon.
    I don't really keep an eye on the Chanel bags for reasons unknown as I do keep a close eye on the clothing, As Karl Lagerfeld is a genius, But I'm always keeping a close eye on the Vuitton ranges that I can never be bothered with anything else.

    I am, of course, not scared to wear a womans bag or whatever, but nothing like a Chanel 2.55 (although I would give my left arm for one), so is there anything suitable?

    Thanks to everyone.
  2. Some bags from the Chanel Sport Line can be worn by a guy.
  3. I've looked for the sports line in the usual places, and can't see anything! It's so annoying that the website isn't too helpful, although the biker boots the models are wearing are amazing.
  4. IMG_3932.jpg
  5. get the card holder, perfect to store your licence and relevant business cards (especially when going out)
  6. I think a briefcase shaped Chanel would work.
  7. that hidden chain bag is freaking awesome. but i say, if you love it. rock it. who cares. i'd stay away from gold hardware and lambskin though. i have a cute caviar camera bag that can be worn messenger style. and i love it.

  8. This is gorgeous, but I live in the UK, which is a bug-a-boo!

    I think the briefcase shaped Chanel is the best option, will just have to hunt for one.
    The sports series doesn't appeal to me, although it is Chanel, it isn't really "fashion", It seems as though you can get any flapped messenger bag from anywhere and then hop onto school, hah, only kidding, but I go to art school so it's alright to make a bit of a statement, so you're right Kodi325, if you love it, rock it.
    Thanks for your help, however, will keep a lookout for briefcase pieces.
  9. Oh and forgot to mention, that hidden chain is amazing! I'd love to see that in the nude colour they have around at the moment, or that was probably last season....