Chanel Flu

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  1. Hello Chanel ladies,:shame: (I've never started a thread in this forum before, I am a total Chanel newbie.)

    I recently bought my ultimate LV bag and I've been waiting for the itch to buy another one to come over me - but it hasn't. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving my Saleya - she sleeps on my night stand so I can look at her first thing in the morning. (BAG GEEK alert) But seeing the new LV stuff - gosh I think I am over LV already!

    And I find myself in the Chanel subforum more and more. So I think I've got myself a little Chanel Flu. I just know my next bag will be Chanel. DH will be sooo happy, NOT.

    But I find Chanel sooo confusing. The Cambons, the Ultimate Softs, the bowlers... I just can't seem to make sense of it? The website was no help, so where to turn... Well, to YOU, the Chanel ladies.

    A couple weeks ago I saw a gorgeous young woman at the airport carrying a Chanel bag that I could NOT stop staring at. It was chocolate brown leather, kinda slouchy, quilted w/ the CCs stitched into the front. It had a chain handle w/ the leather woven in., it was a shoulder bag. On either end there was a little pocket with a sort of drawstring closure. Gahd, after all this, I HOPE it was real.

    So, sorry for the long post - thanks to you who got through it all, and if you have any advice for me, I'd really appreciate it. What can I expect if I convert to Chanel .. besides an empty wallet?:rolleyes:
  2. ^^ Hi whistlerchic.. I totally get you.. i was LV addict myself but with the new designs, LV doesnt get my attention anymore!:Push:

    To learn more about chanel i would recommend u browse through Chanel Reference Library, ull find lots and lots of pictures of chanel styles and colors it will give some idea of what chanel is all about.:flowers:
  3. ^^^OMG, your story is sooo familiar! I was a lv addict and had almost every style from monogram to vernis to epi to mat.... and then the Chanel bug hit me!! Now I am down to my speedy!! Agree with Pink! Look at the reference library.
    Can't place the bag you are talking about, but hopefully you will find her in there.
    I just read your adorable post in the worst hotel thread! LOL! CUTE story!
    . . . good times is right on

    Hmm, the pocket was drawstring, or the bag?
    Was it a really big/oversized bag?
    What color brown?

    Peruse our Reference Library photos, you may see it before we figure out which one it was!:lol:

    I feel ya on the LV. I wanted one really bad but most didn't appeal to me, then I found one called the Batignolles Horzontal - it was more than a year ago so well before they were 'common'. I bought it and although I still really like the bag, I'm pretty much done.

    I could be swayed if it were the right bag, or possibly a carry on piece of luggage, but not so much otherwise. I'm pretty much a Chanel devote now.

    I love how less common they are, I LOVE how a few times a year or more they introduce new lines, colors and leathers. . . you can never really get bored IMO.
  5. I know! I feel you...I've pretty much cleaned out everything I want from LV and it just isn't doing it for me any to move on to the ultimate drug...CHANEL!

    The resource threads are a great place to start, but may I also suggest You can view their current collections as well as fashion shows and its a great way to quickly learn more about everything and get a feel for some styles.

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks guys! I have looked in the Chanel ref. library and couldn't find THE bag there... however I did find a mother-load of other bags that were totally lust-worthy.:drool:

    Swanky, this particular bag was a chocolate brown. I don't know how else to describe the brown... it was dark. It looked very soft? The bag was not big... I'm gonna say, like the size of a bigger shoe box? (vague details, sorry!) and only the little side pockets had the drawstring on them, the leather string had little metal ends, with a ball. I don't know how the bag itself closed, I didn't get that close to it - didn't want the poor girl to think I was some kind of psycho-purse-stalker.:Push:
  7. Welcome to the dark side, whistlerchic. :smile: I think a lot of people have gone through what you are. IMO you cannot go wrong with Chanel. Six months ago it might have been hard for me to let my LVs go to new homes, but not so much now. I am a Chanel junkie now. Welcome to the club.
  8. Chanel Flu... good way to describe it! I think Karl Lagerfeld put something in the air.
  9. I've always loved Chanel bags but could never afford them... I started with Prada and Gucci, but now that I am turning 27 (and getting older) I've been lusting after Chanel to the point of obsession. I'm totally into the makeup, nail polish and skin care. I know that my next bag has to be either the Medium Classic Flap in black caviar with silver hardware or the Petite Shopping Tote in white caviar... :drool: I'm hopefully making a trip to London next year and I will try to grab one then. If not, next August in NYC!!!!
  10. I was at a nice restaurant last weekend and was sharing with the people at my table a really funny joke when a lady walked in with what I thought was a Chanel bag. At the corner of my eye I saw this shiny thing flashing endlessly grabbing my attention. I was so dumb folded with curiosity as I wanted to know yes or no it was a Chanel bag and if it was, WhaT LIGNE it came from. So I shifted my chair and felt at ease when it was a COCO CABAS in VINYL that I have discovered on another being. My friends were trying to snap me out of the zone I was in to finish the joke, but I have then forgotten the punch line. All of a glimpse of a Chanel.

    Then on Friday I went to a Private Sale at Nordstrom and carried my Purple East West, and there was this guy who took a pic of my bag with his camera phone. You could see his gf was instructing him to do so. HOW shady eh? But that's the attention my Chanel gets. Little Chanel that is. :smile:
  11. ^ haha we are all such geeks. whistler, I hope you can find your bag!
  12. I completely get this. I get totally distracted when I see a beautiful purse, I think I might be a purse-stalker after all. :shrugs: Sadly, there is nooo Chanel being carried around where I live, so this distraction doesn't happen often.

    Nerdphanie - your avatar cracks me up! It's hilarious...:roflmfao:
  13. I totally hear that! I saw a woman last week in our restaurant wearing a classic flap in black caviar and I swear I almost died. I was TOTALLY distracted (was talking to an employee about something) and completely forgot what I was saying. She actually asked me if I was ok and all I managed was... that woman... chanel bag... :love:
  14. Welcome to the world of Chanel. I too, have had to spend time sorting out what is what, and the reference thread is a valuable tool. Also, when someone posts a new bag, check it out so you can start learning what the new bags look like.