Chanel Flu - getting worse...


Oct 28, 2006
Does anyone know where Chanel handbags are available in CANADA (besides the boutique)? I notice that the US has NM in addition to the boutiques, but what about here?

AND does anyone have pix of the east/west bag? Or for that matter, YOUR favourite smaller chanel shoulder bag... I am really open to suggestions but I am really LOVING the Small Ultim. Soft.

TIA! You guys rock!;)

OMG is that a Chanel HIVE?
Your flu will continue to get worse and worse! LOL!

Here's a pic of my East/West, along with some other goodies:

Holt Renfrew... but they have very little selection. Also, they never call me, even though I have asked and asked.

They're saving me money. Thank you, Holt Renfrew!