chanel flats?

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  1. Can someone tell me if Chanel flats come in size 35? I was told that these flats are 36 and up, 36 is way too big for me :sad: TIA.
  2. Yes they do come in 35. But Chanel shoes run big so if you're normally a 35 then it'll be a little loose
  3. i think some run small. you just have to try them on.
  4. Yes.

    It depends on the style as to whether or not a 36 will fit.

    More info - Q&A re specific styles - for Chanel shoes - here: Do Chanel shoes run true to size?


  5. Hi -- i had a size 35 chanel flats and like all of the other gals are saying, you must try them on. I am normally a size 35 1/2 - 36 in other brands (CL and salvatore), but found chanel's 35 to be too big for me.
  6. Yep, I have to agree... If you're a 35, then you will need a 34.5, I would say...
    I'm a 36, and I bought my first pair of flats last week and I got them in 35.5, because 36 was too big... Idk if the flats are available in 34 or 34.5
  7. Thank you all! now my other question is do Chanel flats come in size 34 or 34.5? (I once asked a store and i was told they get only 36 and up... thank you for letting me know that 35 is available :smile: it makes me feel happy! :yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I just purchased my first pair - black lamb. I wear a 35.5 in manolo and the 35.5 fit like a glove. I also tried the same shoe in the cavier and would have gone down a size. If this is your first pair, try them on!
  9. I just saw flats in size 34,5 so yes they come in that size too.
  10. They also come in size 34. I think only BG or Nordstrom carries size 34/34.5.
  11. Thank you! Thank you! :smile:
  12. This season they are pretty much true to size if you know your designer size. Whole size only flats I'm going down a half size.