Chanel flats

  1. Is it worth the price? It's so expensive.
  2. how much are they?!?! i'm completely OT....i like the double Cs on,but they are not as low rise as i like flats to be...:shame:
  3. Almost $500.

    I wonder if people buy them for the "brand" or for fit & comfort.
  4. the price is high, but not too much....the shoes are cute IMO and, I'd buy them
    1)because they are really good-looking
    2)because their brand ensures me to have comfortable and long lasting shoes....
    it only depends on what you're looking for....:P:biggrin:
  5. i'd get them because they are soo good looking and so classic. you might be able to find a deal on ebay. this seller that i used to buy from (i think dgjeans or something) has a lot for 250ish.
  6. I love the Cambon ones w/the CCs black on black but its so much to spend for only ballet flats.
  7. I tried on the denim flats and they were cute on my feet. I handed them back to the SA and said I'll wait for the sale. $465 no no..
  8. I've been buying Chanel ballet flats for years. I think they're worth it because they're comfortable beyond belief and they add a little something to even the most basic outfit. Obviously people (myself included) buy them for the brand cachet as well; let's be honest, that's what the luxury brand market is all about. They also last forever; I just keep getting them resoled until they get holes the uppers. :smile:
  9. worth EVERY PENNY!
  10. I have my eye on those but have not tried them on, are they comfortable?
  11. Yes they are. I wear a 7 or 7.5 the SA said the flats are about a half size larger so I tried on an 8 and they fit like a glove. All of my other Chanel shoes are my exact size but these are made a little smaller. I love them but the Chanel store here only has a sale on shoes which she told me should be in June. So I can wait a few weeks.
  12. totally worth it i just bought a pair ytd! :smile:
  13. I love them but if I ever bought them, I would be scared to get them dirty and I probably wouldn't wear them out much.
  14. Im trying to search them on eBay.

    Any pointers to sort out the fakes ballet flats?

    I love the white one.
  15. they arent comfy to me. I have 2 pairs and at first I thought it would be cute to match my cambon bags with them, but i dont wear them anymore. its like your walking bare foot. I wouldnt spend money on them again.