Chanel Flats painful at first?

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  1. To those that own the classic cap toe lambskin chanel flats w/bow- are they painful at first and have to be broken in?

    I tried on a pair in my size and they hurt the back of my heel so bad! I guess it is the grosgrain? fabric that rims the top of the shoe.

    I did try a pair in a 1/2 size up but they were much too big and slipped off on the back of my heel.

    I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience and if the flats will 'break in' and not hurt.

    I want a comfortable pair of cute classic flats and Chanel's seem like they are it, but I want to be sure they won't kill my feet lol!:nuts:

    Thanks for any input! :yes:
  2. I have two pairs and I had no :nogood: problem with "break in".
  3. try heel liners...those also help! foot petal ones are awesome and the old dr scholls ones that are the grey foam (DO NOT GET THE GEL ONES, THEY GIVE YOU BLISTERS!) Those should help with the break in without messing up your heel! When your shoes are softened up, you can remove the liners, if you want. :smile: I normally have to use them anyway, since I have such a narrow heel, but they are truly a godsend!
  4. I have the classic black/white pumps - I had a wee bit of hurt to break them in but they are now sooo very comfortable.
  5. i wud put bandaids in my purse just incase..
  6. I have 4 pairs and dont hurt me all:nogood:, I'm an US 6 1/2 or 37 in Chanel flats and they fit like a glove, maybe you should go up 1/2 size and put those insole pads, so it'll fit better.
  7. Sometimes it is better to go half a size up and just tighten the bow at the front so they don't slip off your feet. I have 3 pairs all in different sizes because they keep changing the shape of the toe.
  8. I have very narrow feet and I had a really hard time finding my correct size. When I tried the 'half size up and tie the bow tighter' trick, it made the problem worse as the cord that goes thru the fabric that rims the top of the shoe, then cut into my skin. It has taken some getting used to, but as the others have said, once the leather softens up and you have the right size, they will be much more comfortable.
  9. I always have that problem no matter what sandal it is. It's the way my foot is built.

    I always use Rhode Island Fashion Emergency Comfort Strap Liner for my sandal straps (for the heel part)

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  10. I have horrible big wonky feet and hate buying shoes. My feet are radically different sizes :rolleyes:

    But reserved a pair of ballet flats in a 42 at Heathrow last year. They were too big! So I was advised to go down to a 41.5.

    Now the left shoe needs a heel pad and the right one hurts 'cos it's too tight :Push:

    What's a girl to do?

    Should I buy 42s and get inserts?

    I'm ordering some in a couple of days, so advice would be much appreciated as I can't try them on first...

  11. Gosh, Expat. I thought I was the only one with size 42 feet. I have the patent ballerinas and it rubs only on my right foot. I now just buy sandals and mules.. No more closed Chanel shoes.
  12. Haha! See I AM 6' tall, so if I had smaller feet I'd topple over :P

    I was also advised NOT to buy patents as they do not give at all, whereas leather will.

    I also can't wear flip flops (thongs) as my feet are so stooooopid :rolleyes:
  13. Expat-

    I also noticed that the sizing is crazy with the flats- you really have to try some on in person imo. I tried on a few pairs of size 41s and found that some were really loose with heel slippage and wide sides and some were really tight all around. The style I tried on could not have the bow tightened- it was just sewn on the front.

    I was really confused as to why there was such a fit difference in the same size, same style! I was told it was because they are handmade therefore all different...but the you really would have thought they were different sizes!

    So I would have to get a 'tighter' pair and hope they stretch out comfortably...

    I am thinking that maybe I am going to explore other more comfortable flats like Lanvin?? I always heard they are really comfortable...It kills me though because I adore the look of the classic Chanel flats! I want a pair, but not if my feet are going to be in pain ykwim?
  14. Trouble is, I cannot find ANY shoes over here. They only go up to 38 and I get directed to the Men's Dept LOL!

    I HAVE to either wait until I go back to the UK in the summer (grotty shoes in the summer sales, no boots) or... as I'm taking the plunge now... order online.

    I dream of CLs, but can only wear flats/ little heels. One day, one day!
  15. They kill my feet too. :death: I Just returned 5 pair to NM. Maybe its just my feet but designer shoes are stiff like plastic on me. LVs hurt too. They cost too freakin' much to take a chance on breaking them in & not being able to return.