Chanel Flats: Officially the most COMFY flats I own

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  1. I love ballet flats and have many of them. I bought my first pair of Chanel flats yesterday and they are absolutely to die for. Where have they been all my life????

  2. i love the color!!
  3. those are gorgeous, i love the color! were those a sale or from the current season? very tempting!
  4. these are new!!! and unfortunatley not on sale, but so worth it!
  5. OMG yes they are very pretty!! The color seems to be NEW...previously they had in black/white and pink/black. Congratulations!! I'm longing for one too..
  6. sooo pretty!!
  7. The colour is really gorgeous, it looks like it would be a perfect match with my Chloe paddington in bleu nuit :p
  8. Love them! The colors are gorgeous! :smile:
  9. Congrats, the color is TDF!

  10. they were waiting for you. cute shoes
  11. too pretty =)
  12. yeah, these ones are really coformtable. congrats, they are gorgeous.
  13. oh the stretch spirits are absolutely a must have. And I concur that Chanel does make the most comfy flat, logical too since they've been in the ballet flat business before they were trendy.
  14. Adorable color combination! Congrats on finding ones so comfy!
  15. love those, congrats!