Chanel flats...keep or take back?

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  1. I just received these flats and am wondering if I should keep them since they were the wrong colorway. They are pretty and need ideas on how to wear them since they are my first pair of Chanel flats. Would you wear them with skirts, slacks, barefoot or stockings? I know it is silly, but I am in need of ideas from Chanel experts.

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  2. Since they are not the colourway that you wanted, I would say return or exchange them for something that you want.

    I am personally not a fan of these, but if you were to keep them, I think a cute skirt with opaques will look nice them... or even a pair of skinny jeans :smile:

  3. Thanks terri_berri...I'm not sure I am a fan of these either.
  4. My friend has these flats and it's really pretty. She wears them with almost everything and IMO, they look great even with very casual outfit. She said they're also very comfortable.
    But if you're not feeling it, definitely return them. HTH!
  5. Take them back as u don't fancy them at all.
  6. take them back
  7. What color are they? I can't tell from your pics?

    They look pretty to me, and I love this style. But, if they are not what you want, return them.
  8. The box says dark silver, but the flats look gold.
  9. Here is a better picture and I just received the same ones in black. So addicting!:P

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  10. i would say return them too... if u have doubt now... chances are u'll not wear them.
  11. I thought they look great! I prefer the metallic ones than the black. Your preference at the end of the day.
  12. I like them both. I liked the camel/black ones too.:sweatdrop:
  13. I love the metallic pair:tender: But I wouldn't recommend wearing them with nude stockings unless they are footless (preferably opaque) or black tights.
  14. I'm not sure If I'm crazy about the gold coloring. They look a little antique for my taste. They looked more silver in the first pic. Your black pair is gorgeous!
  15. Thanks JetSetGo...I am thinking the same thing. I loved the beige/black pair I saw too!