chanel flap w/ single strap

  1. anyone know the name of the chanel that sorta looks like the classic flap but only has a single strap vs. 2? how do we feel about this purse? in canada it's about 700 dolalrs cheaper than the med. classic flap
  2. Are you talking about the east/west bag? That only has a single strap and looks like an elongated version of the classic flap. It's $1050 USD.
  3. Yup that is the East-West. Its soo cute! I think it's $1275CDN? It was last year...
  4. maybe i'm remembering wrong, i thought the SA told me it was 1125
  5. This is the price for lambskin. It costs $1050 for caviar.

    Oops! you guys are talking about the price in $ CDN, right.

  6. hmm it very well could be? might be b/c I'm thinking of the lambskin east-west, it may be your price in the caviar. Either way I love that bag! ack! now I am thinking about it too! :sweatdrop:
  7. yes i'm talking in CAD. i was trying to get that one in blk w/ gold HW, but was told there was none in canada left. :sad:
  8. woah the black w/ gold hardware is flying off the shelves!! i hope you find what you're looking for.

    also [some of] the e/w's strap is adjustable!
  9. i'm not having any luck finding anything in blk caviar w/ gold HW, if i can't find any, which is what it looks like, prior to feb 1st, i don't think i will be buying it at all.
  10. Is Canada having a price increase as well? I asked my SA last week and she said absolutely not...hmmmm
  11. oh absolutely yes, SA confirmed there will be a price increase, but she said it's only on the classic flap styles. which i'm not believing 100%
  12. ohhh please tell me the dimensions of the largest caviar east west ? i am in love...................and wondering how this baby escaped me :love:
  13. ^ the east/west only comes in one size. it measures 10"l x 5.5"h x 2"d