Chanel Flap - please help a newbie

  1. I am a chanel newbie and have fallen in love with the jumbo flap. I spent the last hour in the Sydney boutique just gazing and wide-eyed. I am trying to the US in two months and so was hoping someone can help me with prices. The SA told me that the jumbo flap in lambskin is A$3,750, and the caviar is A$3,450. I am thinking I should wait and buy it in the US but am concerned about any price increases. Can someone please let me know the cost of those styles in the US?

    Also, what is our opinion on lambskin and caviar?

    Many thanks.
  2. have you done a search or looked in the thread at the top of this Forum about the differences in flaps?
    There's a ton of threads w/ new prices and difference/opinions of lamb and caviar. People get less answers the more they're asked unfortunately.
  3. Hi and welcome to the world of Chanel! :flowers:

    Like Swanky said, you can do a search on flaps, lambskin or caviar related threads.

    Here are some threads for you to start off with:

    In this thread you will find loads of pictures of flaps and reissues, including the latest retail prices and sizes:

    Hope this helps and good luck with making your decision!
  4. welcome, as you are after a jumbo u would presume you want to use it as an everyday day so i will suggest caviar.

    its hardwearing, you will not need to babysit it and 100% sure you will love it.

    i have a lambskin wallet and so far so good but as a bag where you bump it around i will definitely suggest caviar.
  5. caviar is definitely more durable..
    but in the future if ur planning to buy more flaps in different colours and sizes, it would be good to have at least one lambskin, for variety...and to just have one to know how it feels!
  6. Thank you so much everyone. I will put my head down and do some more research. You have all pointed me in the right direction and I really appreciate all your help! I am very very excited.
  7. Oh a fellow aussie :smile:
    I'd wait and get it from the US if you're then. Otherwise I'd take the plunge and pay that much... I assume it's only going to go up in price. *sigh*
    You can probably claim tax as well when you get back (not sure if there is a limit though...)

    I think it would work out to be a couple of hundred cheaper buying overseas. My med/large flap was around 500 cheaper in HK than in AUS post-NOV increase.
  8. Thanks so much deliahds. Every little bit of savings helps to go towards the purchase of another chanel bag!
  9. I think prices in the US is much cheaper than in Australia, and you will normally get tourist tax refund when you depart US.