Chanel Flap owners: why u love your so much? style? comfort?

Oct 17, 2006
just wondering why u love ur chanel flap bags? recently got the chanel medium black caviar one, but haven't use it, but i'm thinking...will i love the bag? why do u ladies :heart: yours??? thx


Jan 15, 2007
My first new Chanel purchased over 19 years ago, a medium black lamb (g/h), is versatile, easy to carry, elegant with either jeans or more sophisticated attire. I love flaps, reissues and the e/w. Caviar is a great choice for daily use as it's use it and don't worry. It's not going to get dull looking, show scratches. I, personally love the look and feel of lamb more but there is a trade off; i.e, the occasional return to the Chanel spa.

You will use this bag now and in 20-30 years. It is the epitome of classic.


Jun 8, 2006
Great White North
After the recent year of "bagmentation" (bag experimentation), I've come to realize what I should've known all along. I'm a shoulder bag gal and the Chanel flaps really are perfect for the shoulder bag lover.

I like how I can swing the bag on my shoulder and have my hands free to do something else or even so I can tuck my hands into my coat pocket on cold days. I can also easily use an umbrella now too.

Other functional aspects that I like about the flaps are there really is a size for whatever use you need it for. Plus Chanel flaps can be dressed up or dressed down making them very useful!

From a design perspective, I love the classic look. The design is simple and will remain the epitome of a classic look for years to come. It will always be in style. I also think Chanels bring a more "pulled together" look so it's perfect for transitioning from the office to dinner or a date or other social function.

This might be a negative for others, but for me it's a plus: The flaps force me to only carry the necessities so I'm now carrying everything including the kitchen sink on my shoulder.

The flap just works for me at this stage of my life. It would've been less practical (and well it would've been unaffordable really for me) when I was a student.

So I guess the reason why I love my flaps so much - cuz they bring me both beauty and function which is exactly what I need in a bag!


Dec 9, 2006
For me, it's very stylist, very elegant, very functional, very practical and I can dress up or down. I love single flap jumbo and EW. I don't like double flap medium but its size is very cute.


May 11, 2006
Greater NYC area
Its very hard to find shoulder bags that are comfortable yet look sexy!! Chanel flap is both! I never feel frumpy carrying a Chanel flap but dont give up comfort either.


Jun 1, 2007
I have two jumbo flaps. It's weird because since I'm 18, I always thought that Chanel flaps were for older women. I always thought they weren't "my style". One day on a whim I decided to try on the jumbo for fun. As soon as I saw it on it was love at first sight and I knew I had to have one. :yes: The jumbo is very big and can fit a lot of things in it. I wear mine day AND night (although not to formal events since it is large). I love how classic and chic it is. I also love that it only has ONE CC logo, unlike other brands that are plastered with monogram.


Sep 17, 2007
Pacific Coast Heaven
I agree with everyone. I'm 35 now and when I looked at my luxury purses I bought in early years, I found that many of them are too colorful and not classic and I don't think I will use them when I'm in 40s or 50s. But I can carry Chanel classic flap throughout those coming years ; I will still look good. It's more like an investment, I think.
Jan 25, 2006
I adore flaps. I am just not a tote person at all. I like the security (not an open top) and I like the convenience of having the double and single chain straps.


Sep 20, 2006
Oh, I'm so glad pwecious_323 asked this question because I've been wondering that myself and everyone's input is so helpful.

How do you like the "flap"? I tend to always choose non-flap bags (until I got the Expandable Line Flap, haven't used it yet). Does the flap get in the way when you reach into your bag to grab your wallet? Does the flap tend to fall back down and make a one-hand reach really difficult? I reach into my purse and carry on a conversation at the same time so I like to do the one-hand reach and I can't imagine that is easy with a flap.

The other question I had which I didn't see answer is: "how do you like the structured shape and look"? If the bottom of the structured bag is too wide, doesn't it make it uncomfortable to keep your arms at your side? The Expandable Flap seems much softer and less structured than a classic.



Jun 1, 2007
^ITA!!! I rarely ever see anyone here in Hawaii with a Chanel flap. If I do, they're usually 3x my age, literally.

I personally don't like having bags that everyone has. For instance, the LV speedy or Gucci canvas hobos. I just prefer not to come across someone with the exact same bag as me, which has never happened to met yet with any of my Chanels. :yes: Maybe it depends where you live, but here, authentic Chanels are quite the minority compared to other brands.