Chanel flap or Lady Dior

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  1. K my birthday is coming up and wanting to treat myself another present. Can't decide between the flap or LD with gold chain. Iv already own two Chanel bags + wallet. I'm inclining towards the Dior but a friend of mine she said she always scratches her hands with the zipper reaching in and out of it.

  2. Dior... I am still lusting for one........
  3. I prefer flat which is amazing
  4. Since you already have a Chanel, I would go with Dior. The Lady Dior is really cute!
  5. from the two i pick the chanel flap but that depends on what chanel you have already
  6. Flap
  7. I'd say Dior since you have two Chanels already. And as for the zipper, I don't know which size your friend has? Maybe get one that is a bit larger? The LV speedy has that problem with the epi 25, but on the bigger ones not really because you simply have more room.
  8. CHANEL all the way (I promise I am not biased lol)