Chanel Flap Lamb in M/L w GHW SOLD OUT

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  1. Hi all...

    So I finally narrowed it down to which Chanel flap I want as my first classic flap... black lambskin with GHW in m/l size.

    Nordstroms..sold out
    Neimans...sold out
    Saks...sold out
    Bloomies...sold out
    Chanel boutieque Rodeo...sold out

    I had them all check their systems for availability nationwide and was told that there are ZERO!. I've been placed on waitlists and told that they expect shipments of course, but have no idea when. UGH..

    They had pretty much all other sizes (mini, even a small-which i was told has been discontinued- jumbos and maxis) and colors and hardwares etc. All except what I wanted. I did not realize that specific bag was as popular as it is.

    Just thought I would vent and see if anyone else ran into the same issue with this specific bag.
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    i remember last year classics were sold out at about the same time (sept). from what i gathered, factories/warehouse shut down production for the summer vacay... so it may be 1 factor for the delay in stock replenishment. esp after a panic-buying to beat the recent price increase.

    also try BG or Hirshleifers. you could place a pre-order w/ the latter.
  3. Hi pursenality:

    I never thought about that! That makes sense. Hopefully they get more in soon.

    So, to be clear, the last price increase was back in the beginning of this August? I heard it was a 30% if I am not mistaken? I heard about the next increase effective Nov 1, but was told by all the SA's its only for the jumbo and maxi due to the new design. Thank goodness that m/l price is safe for now (I hope).

    I'm going to give BG a call tomorrow and try Hirshleifers. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    ^ I spoke to the SA in the Malaysia Chanel boutique and inquired about any price increase in 2010 for the classic M/L flaps. She said the only price increase in 2010 was for the M/L caviar classic flap (which was sometime in July/August) to be at the same price as the lambskin - the M/L lambskin had no price increase at all in 2010 yet. I'm puzzled as I read other threads that there was an increase in August 2010 for all classic flaps.

  5. i was at the rodeo boutique in BH in August and the SA told me there was a price increse on jumbos as well, from about 2995 (if i am correct) to 3500$. Caviars and lambskin are now the same price.
  6. Yeah the SA's all told me that there is no longer a difference in price between the caviar and lambskin (in all the sizes) as you guys all know lambskin was 100-200 more.

    I definitely know that the lambskin was increased in the m/l but I'm not sure when it made the huge jump? I remember about 1.5 years ago, it was 2500 and now its 3400, ugh, such a big jump!


    Yeah, I was told the same. One SA told me the biggest jump in the m/l was in the caviar, which jumped up $800 in 2010. But I forgot to ask when the lambkin made the big jump to 3400? Last I remember it was 2495. I also heard that ALL flaps were increased in 2010. All kind of confusing.
  7. It was price increased for All classics in M/L in The United States Of America since August 1st of 2010 !!!
  8. ^ Sorry, I meant to say that there was no price increase throughout 2010 for M/L in lamb in Malaysia. Yet. Weird, seeing that everywhere else seemed to have a price increase. Beats me!
  9. I think Singapore may still have the black lamb with m/l flap. They usually have the basic colors. Let me know if u need me to check for u.

  10. Saks still has the lambskin m/l in black with GHW. This much I know. I'm sorry if an SA told you differently but there are some out there.