Chanel Flap in Navy Blue?

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  1. Hi all! I walked pass a 2nd hand consignment shop & a navy blue jumbo caught my eye! The SA mentioned it was 15xxxx series & it is a 2012 bag.

    The condition wasn't great (dents at the side) & I'd very much prefer getting a new bag if I was gonna purchase it. So wondering if anyone knows if navy flaps are produced every year? And usually when?
    Any navy flaps recently? Do share! :smile:

    Attaching picture of the bag I saw.

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  2. I saw them in Dec. not sure if they are still around! They are not common but not impossible to find either!
  3. Gorgeous bag!!
  4. Georgeous bag! From the front it looks great, puffy quilts and silver HW.

    Navy is hard to find, not sure why. I always ask if a boutique has anything in navy and there seldom is anything I would like to buy.

    At today's prices you are better to be absolutely sure when you add an item to your collection.
  5. I was shown one when I bought my bag. Blue caviar with shw. So it's out there. But I only saw it in one boutique.
  6. Love navy flaps.
    There were navy classics for 14C .
    Saw M/L and jumbo in caviar with SHW .
  7. Wow! You saw navy classics for 14c? I Hope I'll see one! Though I'm not sure and Haven't decided if I want black, red or navy. If I can have all I would of cos!
  8. There were navy classic flaps for the Cruise collection, in m/l and jumbo size, and in both caviar and lambskin...

    Don't know if there's anyone left, because Cruise collection arrived in November at the boutiques and now in February already the Spring/Summer collection is shipped to the boutiques...

    If you want a new navy bag - and with the Cruise collection likely not available anymore - I would wait for fall/winter or Cruise collection this year... Navy is a darker colour and so most likely to be found at this collections... Or you should look at reseller websites like yoogis closet, malleries, or even ebay maybe... Sometimes navy classic flaps in pristine condition pop up there...

    But in general I wouldn't worry... I'm pretty sure there will be navy classic flaps in upcoming collections
  9. Thanks maryjoe! Only problem is that I'll be visiting Europe in April / may and would be looking into purchasing something during that period so I gotta see what I'll be lucky with!
  10. Just saw a navy jumbo with shw this afternoon at town center mall in boca raton either Saks or NM don't remember which one lol
  11. There's a thread dedicated to blue bags here . You'll find navy bags in there. It seems like Chanel comes out with navy every year, if you want a new one.
  12. i got a navy m/l caviar flap SHW before Christmas. it was part of the 14C collection. they also had lambskin in SHW
  13. Stunning bag and color!
  14. Ooh I adore navy flaps. I did see one of the lovely ladies post a reveal of a navy caviar flap not so long ago.

    But like the others said, Chanel almost always come out with a new shade of navy for the cruise collection each year :smile:
  15. beautiful!! I love navy flaps and that is gorgeous!