chanel flap chains

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  1. i was just wondering if you could ask the people at chanel to shorten (so it can be used as a handbag) or lengthen (so it can be used as a messenger bag) the chains on the classic flap or the reissue flap:graucho:

    just a silly thought ;)
  2. i'm positive you can use the handles in both ways!
  3. oh...
  4. You can play with it by using a ribbon to shorten the chain or just wrap the chain around the flap.
  5. You can wear them both ways. Just pull it all the way out w/ one side flat to the bag to carry it messenger style, or pull them both up for a shoulder bag length.
  6. Chanel will not shorten the chain straps. They will not "alter their style"
  7. geez...:sweatdrop:
  8. It's so easy to shorten them yourself. Here's how I do it, I use a small piece of velcro, grab the chains from the inside of the bag, and attach them together. And if you want them long again, just remove the tie. I know some people use a ribbon, I really should use something black, LOL :lol:.


  9. You can also use the round ring of a key chain to shorten the strap.
  10. yes, exactly. thats the beauty of the chanel bags, one bag 2 different styles :smile:
    have fun!