Chanel Flap Card Case

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  1. I cannot find any thread for this one. Is this a good buy considering it's price for a card case or not? The one they have in the boutique is lambskin.

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  2. It's a good buy if you want it and it serves a purpose.
  3. I think it's gorgeous. I have a few of these and I love em.
  4. I want to use it to match the classic flap I'm thinking of buying. Is it ok to use in the medium? Or the jumbo? Is it bulky? Haven't seen it in person yet.
  5. I think it works great for the medium and jumbo.
  6. It fits in my ML lying down both ways - closes easily. Also fits my old medium boy both ways. Very nice piece - I bought mine in caviar because that was all my Chanel store had. Pic for size comparison.

    I carry a coin purse too - but I like keeping them separated anyway.

  7. This one is awesome! Fits so much and also fits in a square mini. I have the reissue version and it's my favorite card holder ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468635774.239825.jpg
  8. I use it in my boy, jumbo and lv metis. If you don't have a use for it, it is a waste of money when a big wallet is not much more $.
  9. Card holder twins!! I'm also a fan and find it a very practical slg!
  10. I have seen the flap coin purse online that looks similar and might be more practical. Perhaps slightly bigger. It comes with a back pocket and three compartments inside. I want that one but the local boutiques don't carry them :sad: Does US or Europe have this? image.jpeg
  11. Twins too! It's so pretty :smile:
  12. So this one has no back pocket? That is different?
  13. Also in canada... I cant find any... :sad: also the flap card case i guess is already getting sold out?
  14. Can I also ask if the medium caviar is functional in your opinion? Im still undecided between the jumbo and medium. What can fit with the medium together with your phone of course and the card case? Can i carry a compact mirror, lipstick, facial tissue, hand sanitizer?
  15. I just ordered a black caviar one with gold hardware from the Toronto stand alone boutique last week. Apparently Toronto and Montreal received shipment on the day I called so I was lucky because I've been waiting for a few months now for them to restock. Montreal had limited qty but I think Toronto had several in stock.