Chanel flap and reissue fans...a question for you

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  1. When did you buy your flaps/reissues? Before or after "the big increase"? It seems the increase in price has also increased people's interests. Everyone's gone flap mad! LOL.

    Me? I bought most of mine before the increase BUT I have bought a few (only if I LOVED LOVED the color) after the increase. I guess Im just a little more selective now and it has to really WOW me.:nuts:
  2. I bought all 3 of my jumbo classic flaps (black caviar, dark grey lambskin, dark navy patent) before the November 1 price increase. I haven't bought any since, but I am eyeing the new reissues and jumbo lambskin classic flaps for Spring/Summer 2008. The colors are going to have to really wow me in person though for me to pay the higher prices now. I plan on being much more selective now with my Chanel purchases.
  3. I bought my mini flap before the Feb 2007 increase. I purchased my red flap after the increases, but it couldn't be helped, I had to have her, and she wasn't available until last April (or May?). I just brought home a GST trying to avoid the next increase in Feb, but I'm not 100% sure I'm keeping her yet.
  4. Regardin abt my flap collection, most are from past seasons, therefore the price varies, i wuld say i bought them below or around retail price (before the Nov price increase) even though they are usually used not new.

    I used to own 5 flaps and now 3 :they are e/w (jus sold), 227 reissue (jus sold), tweed flap, vintage red lambskin mini flap and 06 violet caviar med flap.

    Currently, i'm not getting any flaps from the new collection as it doesn't give me the "WOW" factor...LOL

    However, will be expecting my anniversary black reissue in gold h/w, can't wait for that.
  5. I only recently started to obsess over Chanel... Fortunately though I was able to buy my M/L flap before that november increase. Then I bought another flap after the increase lol.
  6. I still want a flap ... altho I'm tending toward the m/l over jumbo lately.
  7. I will be completely content with just two flaps

    1 white jumbo caviar
    1 228 MB from last season

    the caviar was pre-price increase and the 228, well-was around the current season's price.... :shrugs: I love it that much though.

    Nothing from this season's reissue colors give me that THRILL like MB and white does. Black and white....classic, can't go wrong right?

    Now--- should a dark purple caviar come out- yeeeah, I'd spend the current or even future retail on that bag- so long as it was Jumbo with silver hardware! And the color purple must be like my Violet City from Balenciaga.
  8. I just came to know what a reissue is in I wouldn't know anything about it being cheaper!The price increase=normal price to me..don't know if that's a good thing :push:..and so far I've purchased 2 reissues!
  9. I bought mine just yesterday, I don't really know if there was a price increase as I'm not familiar with the older prices of the 227 (got it for 1890€ BTW, if anyone knows how much they were 1 year ago I'd be thankful)
  10. I got my white caviar jumbo for $2,250. I got my black patent jumbo after Nov. 1st for $1970, because of a fluke in the prices at Chanel Hawaii lol.

    I'd really love to get at least one more Chanel classic jumbo flap, but in a color this time. Hopefully by the time they release a color I want, the price won't have gone over 3k. I refuse to spend over 3k on a bag.

    I wish I got into the Chanel craze in 2006, so I could have gotten the classic jumbo for $1,650. Thinking about it makes me crazy!
  11. I bought my 228 in October 2007 before the price increase:tup: I think I will be a bit less impulsive and a little more selective in the future since the prices have increased so dramatically. At least that is what I tell myself...:angel:
  12. I haven't bought a flap since the 2 price increases, just my PST's..... I would like another or a reissue but I'm not rushing to buy anything. Maybe I'll just go pre-owned if I find something that grabs me.
  13. Great question. The only bag I've bought recently is the purple reissue 228. I haven't even bought from eBay!! I am waitlisted for 3-4 S/S08 bags and will have to pare down my collection after that. After this, I'll probably drop to 1-2 bags a year ... unless it's purple. Can't resist anything purple!
  14. I bought the Black Caviar Jumbo, White Caviar Medium, Black Lambskin Medium, Black Patent Medium BEFORE the price increase. For Spring '08, I bought the 2.55 Reissue Black, Dk. Silver and Purple in the A37587 size. I like the Reissues this Spring because they are deeper and hold "a little" and I do mean little, more than last years.

    I know, I am a little "flap obsessed" and probably need help, but they are a staple with all outfits from "casual" to "dressy".
  15. I bought my first flap in '06; and then I started to be really into Chanel. Got 2 other flaps (red jumbo w/new chain & the DS reissue in 226) in 07 before Nov.1 price increase.

    I will still keep buying them, just be more selective. Not sure what I will do if the price tag becomes more than $3K for the flap though. I am pretty happy with what I have now.