Chanel Fine Jewelry

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  1. #1 May 24, 2016
    Last edited: May 24, 2016
    I'm debating if I should splurge for some fine jewelry from Chanel. Does anyone have any pictures or experiences to share? :love:

    Here are the two little ones I'm eyeing right now!

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  2. I have seen their jewelry in the store but haven't bought any.

    I like the Ultra ring. However, I prefer the version that came before because the links were movable so it had a lot of play. It does remind me a lot of the Cartier Maillon de Panthere stuff though, but I guess the ceramic makes it more original.

    The floral design is nice as well, but I don't know if you could appreciate the floral design much when its on the finger. Have you tried it on ?

    I personally love the Matelasse / Coco crush rings. Again, I like the older Matelasse more than the Coco Crush though since it had play as well.
  3. I have their camelia ring in onyx. It's quite special. Between the two, I like the second one beetter.
  4. Unfortunately there are no boutiques here that I can visit to try on in person. I was hoping some of the other ladies can model their own pieces and let me admire some sparkles :lol:

    The Matelasse/Coco rush design is beautiful but I don't have very long fingers so chunkier rings don't look good on me..

    I am definitely leaning towards the Camelia ring as well!

  5. Just for info, how much does it cost? Thanks
  6. Hello! Does anyone have photos of actual Chanel fine jewelry pieces to share? I have seen some and I am very tempted to buy but they are so expensive! The pieces are best viewed in person and tried on because items that look good on the website may not look so nice in real life as they don't suit us.
  7. I've posted some of these pics in the past in the Chanel forums but hopefully this helps for anyone looking at Chanel Fine Jewelry pieces ❤️


    D984453B-6033-4AA3-B581-8FE66052D210.jpeg 0F5B1E3D-6974-4465-AAB2-C5073FBA6572.jpeg A5DD5E35-26C1-40BC-BA15-1B59061C807F.jpeg 4440DB82-738D-4842-8D40-D2207A2EF30C.jpeg 51DE0E74-E41C-44F3-AA49-6E4A38D0EB81.jpeg 5B0ABF93-00FB-42C5-A242-E9DDEEB90607.jpeg D82F9883-7405-4D40-8D24-20D117C3A475.jpeg
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  8. I much prefer the second. Looks more luxurious!
  9. Thank u your pieces are beautiful!
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