Chanel Fine Jewelry

  1. The thread about Chanel costume jewelry inspired me to post about their fine jewelry. Anyone a fan? I actually really love some of their pieces and didn't think they were priced too badly.

    But then there is now Gucci fine jewelry....
  2. even though i like some of their design i simply refuse to buy fine jewelry from a fashion house. as i consider that standing fully clothed under a cold shower happily putting 100$ bills down the drain with my toe
  3. I've never seen Chanel fine jewelry in person, but I've been pining for a ring I saw on their website. It looks like a flower. I love the white one. I'm not sure how much it costs though.
  4. I love their designs. I was just in there today looking at charm bracelets for my daughter's gradulation present. So many beautiful, beautiful things.
  5. If I may revive this thread because I’m interested in this:

    Can you tell me what’s wrong in particular with Chanel Fine Jewellery especially related to workmanship and materials used? As far as I know they use De Beers [Group] diamonds and I can’t see anything wrong with their stuff or am I missing something? Thanks in advance because I’ve set my eyes on two Elements Celestes necklaces and determined to get one of them – though not anytime soon because I’m so broke: looking at Christmas 2007, LOL.

    Kat, something like this Camellia ring? I HAD one but took it off my finger to give to my niece, LOL. It was priced very decently, like winternight said, at £1900. [​IMG]

    I’m thinking Gucci/LV/Hermès Fine Jewellery vs. Chanel Fine Jewellery are different because Chanel Fine Jewellery has been going on since Gabrielle Chanel started it herself in the 1930s and you can actually go to seven figures with it while Gucci/LV/Hermès ones are fun stuff. Also I think Chanel Fine Jewellery has some pretty designs - minus Camellia watch for example - whilst others have not-so-good designs (see Hermès Kilim watch/earrings/rings). Actually I’ve never seen Gucci one before, can someone show me a pic?
  6. Beebee,

    That's a lovely ring! I hope that your niece is enjoying it. I've been meaning to try it on but I think it will have to wait until I'm in West Palm Beach where the Chanel store carries quite a bit of their fine jewelry line (and where I've seen the most Chanel fine jewelry in person).

    Here are some Gucci photos (all in 18k). You can see their jewelry online (complete with prices!) at

    This is a ring I rather like but its $3,390 for smoky quartz, which seems rather high for that stone - although it may be a rather large ring. So I might try and have it made, I do need to sometime try on the actual Gucci ring though to make sure that I like it. I haven't seen it in the boutiques yet.


    Same ring in a different stone and angle. I think this would be fun to wear with a suit to work.


    There are also many pieces with a horsebit design, here is a necklace for $4,490


    And some pieces with the GG design - which I don't care for. Here is a ring inspired by their 'flora' collection for $2,295.

  7. bee bee
    no nothing wrong with the materials or workmanship (same applies for dior fj as well) and yes some of their fine jewelery pieces are well priced (compareable in mark up to their jeweler brand collegues like bvlgari etc ) but when it comes to haute joaillerie it is not only overpriced when compared to "real" haute joaillerie brands (as usually the higher the price the lower the markup but not with chanel) most importantly it is not an investment. and yes i do love haute joaillerie(as you know ;) ) and never ever sold something but i just like the idea of hj beeing an investment and lets face it the bigger or renowned the brand name the better the value example: at sothebys etc a 10 carat ring from jeweler xy will never fetch the price a 10 carat graff or mousaieff will even if they are same quality. and chanel is not considered to hold its value. in fact i have seen pieces selling for a fraction of their original price (that have been bought years ago andf normally you at least fetch the original price if not more when it comes to hj)
    so this is what i consider blowing money away but of course if you do not care about the value etc or the uniqueness 8they are mostly not one of a kind) then go for it and enjyoy it
  8. winternight, thanks a lot for the Gucci pics! LOL, I'm not even sure my niece realises that it's Chanel, I gave it to her when she was 12 and she's only 13 now. When I went to visit her mum she just said, 'Bee can I have your ring?' So I just took it off and gave it to her. She's probably thrown it in the bin by now, LOL.

    Thanks a lot for the clarification! I can see where you are getting at but I'm a poor girl :crybaby: so Haute Joaillerie is way out of my league(considering that the Cartier Caresse d'Orchidées one costs $1.3 million) so I can only settle for something a lot less, LOL. Given that both of these are unlikely to hold value anyway, what do you reckon normal Cartier Caresse d'Orchidées vs. Chanel Fine Jewellery at around $500,000 mark which is the price of these Elements Celestes?


  9. be bee
    cartier all the way :flowers:
  10. I ADORE that camellia Chanel ring but it's way out of my price range. There was an all resin version too in the $250ish range, anywhere I can find it now? I know this pic is bad, but it looked the same as the expensive version except the band is resin gold in it. thanks!

  11. I really like Chanel Fine Jewelry! I've heard that they are very good quality and have never gotten bad reviews from any of my friends who purchase from them. I also love Dior Fine Jewelry and one of my favorite spinel necklaces is from them :heart: One day I'd like to get a Chanel charm bracelet because they have so many adorable charms (more than Cartier IMO :yes: )
  12. i am so in love with that first necklace bee...bee posted. have been for almost a year. one of these days i'll be independantly wealthy and have fabulous galas to wear it to. until then though i love looking at everything. :drool:

    in general though, if i had the money i think i'd prefer "branded" jewelry over "fashion house" jewelry if i had to make a choice. i always prefer to purchase through brands for what they are known for...i figure if that's what they're known for, they're doing something right.

    then again if i had the money, why choose? ;)
  13. I love Dior's fine jewelry too! The rings are TDF!
  14. I personally find diors fine jewelery too delicate and somehow washed out, compared to the bolder chanel fine jewelry .

    I have been dareful enough to choose a chanel ring as my wedding band just to be a bit different. Lets hope it wont fall apart! :0
  15. i love chanel's fine jewelry esp the cometes and camelia collection!
    ive been debating wheter to buy the camelia ring first or one of the comete diamond ring!