CHANEL fine jewelry price increase?

  1. I was at the Chanel boutique yesterday to place an order for the 18K white gold with big white camellia ring. THe small one is $2500 and the big one is $4000+. I decided to go with the small one which fit me best. Anyway, the SA said that my ring would be increase about 6-10% more in April. Of course, other fine jewelries will increase as well as much up to 6-10%. Not sure about the watches those. Just to let everyone know.
  2. I was told the same thing. I ordered the white camelia with yellow gold last week. I should have it tomorrow. I also ordered the small.
  3. Gold would very pretty with white. But I have only white jewelry & like to match with it. What do you think of the matching earings? Two pricey for tiny earrings.
  4. Actually I have not seen the matching earrings.

    When will you receive your ring?
  5. I might get it on Wednesday because my SA ordered from corporate for my size. The earring is about the size of a 2 carat stud & cost $2100. I think it's not worth it. But my SA think I should get it.