Chanel Fine Jewelry and mini CC crystal earrings...

  1. :heart:YAY, so excited, finally placed my order for the Chanel Ultra ring in white ceramic, single (as I have small fingers)


    AND going to place my order for the Chanel Camelia cachlonj ring in yellow gold with white (eeeeek) :wlae:


    I know the ultra ring will be my more day-to-day ring since its like a J12 only on my finger, so I can basically not worry about it.:tup:

    BUT with the camelia cachlonj ring, I heard its more delicate and the SA even suggested I take it off while washing my hands, putting lotion, etc...:shame:

    For the girls who have either or both rings, would love to hear how you have liked your ring so far and how you care for it...would the camelia ring not be something i could wear to work then? Do you find that it scratches or dents or possibly even discolors with wear?? (the SA suggested it may yellow, the white camelia cachlonj, over time as its white opal...but that Chanel would take care of it if it does...)

    Well, love to hear feedback and any full body modeling pics would be awesome too!!!!

    Will take pics to post when mine arrives this week!!! :yes:
  2. ^^oh and I almost forgot...going to be getting Chanel mini CC crystal earrings from Nordstroms Seattle too!!! They are getting a shipment I think, so call them and ask for Daniel if you're interested!
  3. Gorgeous jewellery please post when you receive them.
  4. Congratulations:yahoo:


    Would you mind telling how much that particular one cost? Been thinking about getting one in black:idea:

    Love the camelia ring too. Very elegant:tup:
  5. Congrats! I love the camelia ring, it's delicate and beautiful
  6. Hello Cory,

    I was at Chanel boutique today looking at the fine jewelry. The sa told me that these will has another increase starting beginning of next year. It'll will be from 10% to 15%. Last time was 5% increased!

    I got mine small white camelia ring with white gold just before price increased in April. It was $2500 now $2700 roughtly. I'm looking into getting another one in black version. It is very pretty. I wear mine on special occasion only.

    How much is the ultra ring? I forgot to ask the sa.
  7. WTFFFF? Wow, I'm glad I got my J12 already so I don't have to worry about this. :tdown:

    I adore the ultra ring, I want one with diamonds but doubt I will ever get it. I absolutely LOVE that cachlonj ring. Unfortunately, I have way too many rings already. It's so beautiful though! :girlsigh:
  8. the ultra ring single with no diamonds is 1250 USD plus 45 USD overnight shipping from Chanel hawaii (if you want the SAs name, let me know) :heart:
  9. WOW, another increase huh? Cos I thought the fine jewelry took an increase November 1st with the handbags, etc??

    Wahh, makes me more motivated then to buy them now.

    Tho Chanel Hawaii (as LV Hawaii is too) seems to have better prices and from tidbits here and there that Ive heard and read on TPF, they dont always raise prices at the same time as the mainland USA Chanel boutiques??

    The ultra single no diamonds is 1250 USD plus 45 USD overnight shipping =)

    The cachlonj smaller one is 2650 USD plus 45 USD overnight shipping...

    I'm going to PM you now...forgot you had the cachlonj one!!
  10. how much does the chanel cc earrings cost?
    is it available in crystals or any other materials?
  11. I saw the 1st looks nice but still considering if i want to buy that.
  12. does anyone know how much the double ultra ring cost without diamonds?
  13. The mini ones I got were 185 USD plus tax =)
  14. ^^the mini CC crystal studs arrived!!

    no pics of my own just yet but im wearing them already, so comfy and light--i can def sleep in these w/o it poking me i think!!

    i dont know if you guys can tell how the minis arent the smalls which a lot of people even SAs seem to confuse...they dont really hang off the ear part much at all--and i have really small earlobes apparently so on other people's ears it should definitely not hang off


  15. mmm, I've received a call today that they received the earrings :yahoo:, but have to wait till saturday until I have the time to go to the store....It's about 165 eur...Are these the same? They call it CC strass earrings over here....And I didnt know it came in small and large, knowing that I would prefer the small ones....Anybody have a clue which size it would be for that price??? TIA!