Chanel find of the century!

  1. Hello fellow Chanel lovers! Just wanted to share with you my FIND OF THE CENTURY! I was up in San Jose, CA, getting my nails done at a salon in an old, indescript strip mall, and somehow ventured into the consignment store next door. A quick browse and $15 later, I walked out with these babies:


    Sorry the pic is so fuzzy - this was taken from my cam phone - but aren't they fabulous?! They are clip on, so I've already thought of a half dozen uses for them, including as an adornment on an black felt hat, as a pendant on a necklace (this worked wonderfully!), and even to dress up some plain black flats! Anyway, thanks for letting me share...yay for great finds!

  2. wow, congrats :yes:
  3. Thanks seahorseinstripes! :smile:
  4. Wow, beautiful! After reading this thread and that other thread about the TPF'er that found the pink classic flap at Salvation Army for $60, I really want to drop in on some consignment stores to see if I can find any treasures!

  5. great finds!! :tup:
  6. congrats, excellent price!
  7. so cool! your karmic points must be really high :smile:
  8. What a great find!!! And you are so clever in using it in so many different ways!!!! Congrats.
  9. Wow! Those are spectacular.
  10. For $15.00??!?!? That is the find of the century!
  11. congrats!
  12. Oh wow!! You really could do so many things with those!! Great find!
  13. those are cute - Congratulations
  14. cute! congrats!!
  15. wonderful!!!! enjoy them.