Chanel Filofax / Angenda / Planner

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I posted this in the accessories thread and received a few PM's regarding price and style.

    I don't think I have the original box (box pictured is from my wallet) but the price tag was still inside the pocket with authenticity card:

    4250 25798 $495

    SKU 7365 2367 (from Neiman Marcus)

    I hope this helps!
    CIMG0893s.jpg CIMG0894s.jpg
  2. This is gorgeous! What is the size?
  3. wow i love it
  4. Man! Love it!
  5. Wow, that's so cool! I wonder if I got a Chanel agenda, I will actually be motivated to use one.
  6. that is nice, is there only one type for chanel agenda?
  7. It looks fab! Love it!
  8. Is this being sold currently? I was looking for an agenda , but none of the Chanel stores had it!
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