Chanel filigree

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  1. I got a Chanel filigree black gold hardware my hardware is fading and becoming washed out already and I have only wore my bag four times and haven't rough handled it at all is this happening with anyone else's
  2. Sorry to hear that's happening to your bag. I have the same bag and haven't noticed any fading. I've used mine 10+ times. I'd be interested to hear what other filigree owners are experiencing.

  3. cld u show a photo?
  4. I have the same one (black with gold hardware), I purchased it May 14th and have used it every day since. I don't see any noticeable fading at all. Post some pictures, I'm curious what yours looks like!
  5. My ghw was dull to begin with. It's not the shiny hardware. And I haven't noticed any further dulling
  6. Same here. Actually my beige Filigree flap was the last one available in my city so I didn't pay much attention. But the hardware is dull as soon as it came out of the box with and scratches are easily visible.

    The hardware is so teeny tiny though. You'd really have to nose in there to see it.
  7. It is supposed to have the "aged" look
  8. Yup..its nt even matt ghw..jus dull to give it the aged look?
  9. Yes, it's aged gold HW like the reissues.
  10. I am not having any issues with my filigree. Love love love this bag. I like the antique gold hw; it offers a casual alternative to my classic flap with the shiny ghw. I tried to upload a snap of it from my phone, but it keeps saying it failed. Anyone have a tip on what to do? I tried snapping one ok horizontal position but that didn't work :sad:
  11. It may be due to file size. Try resize or crop then resize.
  12. Thanks for the pro tip!

    Here is a snap of my filigree. There really is minimal hw, so even if you aren't a fan of the brushed gold it doesn't take over the bag.

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  13. Mine looks the same as when I purchased about a month ago and have used it almost daily.

  14. Suppose to look that way, it's a brushed aged gold hardware!
  15. At first I wasn't in love with the brushed aged gold hardware, but now I love how vintage it looks and it gives it a more casual appeal since I use this as my work day purse.