Chanel Filigree or Coco Handle


May 26, 2017
Need to make a decision tonight on these two - please help!!
Navy Black Caviar Filigree Medium Flap - 23 series OR Black Caviar Small Coco Handle with Lizard Handles also 23 series?

I'm purchasing for my mother in law who is 5ft 8inches and has a very unique/artsy/boho chic style.
Can't decide

Also if anyone has insight on if these bags are sold out in stores that would be useful - and what prices they would retail for?

Attaching some pics of what I've found.
FullSizeRender-1.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg


May 13, 2012
I second Coco Handle. I have the mini black carviar and it allows me to transit from casual to classic chic effortlessly.

Filligree is a tad flat in its design but its beige n black combination is oustanding.
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Jan 24, 2016
Bay Area
I have both and I love them both. However, I tend to gravitate towards my small coco handle, just cause I can use multiple different ways, top handle or the long strap (removable btw!). But you can wear the Coco handle and Filigree crossbody as well which is nice. I have the black with gold coco handle and the beige filigree flap. I chose the beige filigree cause of the 4 points on the chanel logo have the gold little bar which stands out and bugged me, the beige wasn't so noticeable compared to other colors. I do want to note, the filigree is with lambskin lining and calfskin. The coco handle I believe comes in caviar with the lizard handle if you want all leather (interior as well) or only caviar even on the handle and the interior is fabric. If she already has a classic flap, I would go towards the coco handle as the filigree medium is the same size as the CF M/L (just more versatile).

Good luck!