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  1. Hi ok this is a long story but I will make it short my fiancé purchased me a Chanel filigree for Mother's Day which was a month and a half ago I have only wore this bag twice now the strap is broken and the hardware is tarnishing and turning sliver I would like to exchange this bag but do not have a receipt because his friends wife who works at saks used her discount and was not suppose to do that and don't want me to return it yet she won't return or exchange the bag for me either I am so lost as to what to do my fiancé spent his hard earned money on this bag and its quality is very cheap and it needs to be exchanged or returned I called the Chanel boutique and asked what could they do for me without a receipt and that it was a gift and they told me to bring it in and they will send it off to Chanel to be repaired the only thing is when they send it off for repair and it comes back will this happen again I'm so disappointed and upset about this and don't know what to do please help me
  2. I guess at this point, you have no choice but to get it repaired, your friend used her discount on it and of course doesn't want to return it . She went against her companies rules to help you out. Have Chanel repair it, I am sure it will be fine.
    if it is a defective bag, maybe she can get it exchanged?
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  3. Just send it in! Chanel does wonders with repairs (if not try leather surgeons bc that's who Chanel sends their bags to anyway)
  4. Pics?
    I am not sure why your friend wouldn't want to bring the bag back to Chanel. I would think that she used her discount to buy a non-defective bag, so Chanel would likely take care of it.
  5. sorry to hear about the damage to your bag. I think you should take the bag to the Chanel boutique and get it repaired. Unfortunately, your friend did something that could potentially get her fired and she doesn't want to deal with it. I think you should ask the boutique if the issue happens after it is repaired would they replace the bag since its been less than one year. Keep us posted.
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  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467314230.749756.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467314254.911056.jpg hardware is tarnishing turning sliver .. Do it matter what Chanel boutique you take it into to get repaired ?
  7. I am not familiar with SA discounts, but something doesn't sound right.
    Chanel often repairs bags <1 year free of charge, so I would take it to the store ASAP. Please note that while the bag was purchased at Chanel-SAKS, you can take it directly to the Chanel Boutique. Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. That's so sad. I've used my filigree bag daily and have experienced none of these problems. Hope you get it resolved soon.
  9. Oh no! I haven't had problems with mine but am disheartened to see this has happened with your bag! I would definitely take it in ASAP.
  10. OMG that's no bueno. I cringed when I saw that broken strap. definitely off to Chanel boutique and fix asap while they are wiling to take care of it under 1 year!!
  11. Iam sorry this is happening ( I hear your desperation) !!! The lady should be able to return it for you (even though she doesn't want to) bc Chanel would exchange it If she explains how unhappy she and how bad the quality is.. they should be able to exchange the bag for another style being that this bag was made poorly,or you can take it for repair then you can sell it bc that bag is in high demand.. I really hope you can get it fixed and or resolved.. I mean this favor has turned into a nightmare.. She should help!!!
  12. I have used my filigree everyday since mid May and I don't have any problems with mine. You must have had a defect. Have Chanel repair it!
  13. Wait. I am not understanding. If your friend used her discount she SHOULD be the one to deal with it for you so that she doesn't get in trouble for giving your fiancé the discount. Does she just expect you to be out over 3,0000.00 since she also doesn't want you to deal with it either? That's nuts. If she won't help in any way take it to Chanel for repair yourself.
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  14. She won't take it back to the store saying she do not want to deal with the hassle so I am contacting Chanel customer care praying that they will be able to help me in some sort of way I am very upset thank you all for your kind words and suggestions I'll keep you guys posted
  15. But how can she not even have a copy of the receipt? I thought staff purchase still have a copy of receipt of some sort so that they can also send in their bags for repairs if there are defects. This sounds fishy.
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