Chanel fans....


May 1, 2006
OOPS, just tried to look at the handbag you mentioned, but, it has been taken off Ebay.....maybe it was not such a great deal after all, but to answer you question, chanel is right at any age, any place, any way!!!!good luck in your search!


Nov 1, 2006
I think Chanel looks great with jeans! In fact, that jeans are my daily uniform since I am a SAHM like Swanky and Chanel is my preferred bag. I do have LV as well but I like how my Chanel dressed up my jeans.
Jan 10, 2006
I agree with medina. I love bags that contrast your jeans! I dress very casual and use my Chanel bags all the time! Even with my juicy sweats.
Jan 9, 2007
Los Angeles
I live in Los Angeles and everyone wears them with jeans and with a casual attire as well as people who dress more traditional. And women of all ages are wearing them. (Actually it is kind of funny to me when I see a woman in her 20's and a woman in her 60's wearing the same style bag.) Attests to its timelessness and transcending all fashion trends.

Personally the flaps seem a "dressier" bags than ones I am used to carrying (LV, BV, Chloe, Lanvin) . . . but I think they have really had a resurgence with younger people wearing them. I used to think of them more as "old lady" bags but not know. I think Chanel has shed that image . . . The flaps are classic that have been around forever and will always be a good investment. The smaller and med sizes always elegant and classy for evening events . . .