Chanel fans....

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  1. I also thought of Chanel as a brand/look for women over the age of 35. Considering that I am rapidly approaching 34, I have started to look at what they had to offer. What I love about LV is that a suburban mom can carry a bag and look chic but not overdone. What do you think about a Chanel quilted black bag? I found one I absolutely love but not sure where I would wear it or if I would look silly carrying it. Opinions please!!

    Here is one that I really like;

    I am not saying that I am going to buy one soon (remember my intervention thread?:wacko: ) I just wanted to know what all you fashion divas thought.

  2. I think that Chanel is forever classic and chic, and with the right ensemble, can be for any age. Look at Mischa Barton, she looks amazing carrying her Chanels, which is a testament to the wearability of the bags.
  3. I bought a classic flap recently and have only used it when I've gone out all dressed up. I too am not sure if it can be worn with more casual wear. I'd like to hear what others have to say.
  4. Just like you, I always thought of Chanel as being very reserved and limited. You definitely can't wear jeans (unless their more than $450) or any kind of casual clothing with your particular bag, it's one of those dress up kind of bags. I think you should always be confident with whatever you're wearing, so that you feel good about yourself wearing it. I've run into bags that I totally love but I know myself enough that I know if I buy it, it will become a museum piece in my closet.
  5. chanel is defintely classic, and can be timeless. they have some more contemporary looks as well- look for the caviar leather bags, especially in dark red and black.
  6. As a 31 yr old suburban housewife/SAHM that particular bag is too dressy for me. I LOVE Chanel and plan on getting one, but I'd rather have a big tote, maybe the Cambon or something.
  7. is that ebay seller for real? she always has such great stuff at great prices, it makes me wonder if it's too good to be true! she has the best prices on chanels that appear to be real that i've seen, anywhere.
  8. I'm 21, I got a classic flap when I was 20, and I love it!
  9. I think Chanel might be a bit much for every day if you are talking about the flap bag. But, the other suggestions would be perfectly appropriate. I am in your age range, and I have been liking BV for our age. More casual than a Chanel flap, but definately put together.
  10. i love chanel but agree that not every bag they make is practical for every day. i bought their black "wallet on a chain" last year (also comes in pink and recently saw it in white) and use it as a clutch for the evening and just love it. i also love some of the new bags they're doing in white for spring - i could see that as an everyday spring but not year round bag.
  11. I'm only 21 and I carry a Chanel bag almost everyday. I don't think you have to be a woman of a certain age to wear Chanel. Lots of my girlfriends are big Chanel fans. Younger celebrities such as Mischa Barton love Chanel.

    I have a similar bag to the one you posted, it's a black 2.55. It's not practical for everyday use just because lambskin is fairly delicate.

    Maybe get a big caviar tote? That's my everyday bag and I love it!
  12. Speaking of Chanel, since I've never owned one, are they chain straps really durable and are they heavy?

    Is that dealer legit too? Just like another poster said, the prices are low but yet I saw that she is a mypoupette seller? Anyone had any experience w/ this seller?
  13. Hi!
    I think the same. I bought my 2.55 after seeing how versatile the bag can be and after seeing some celebrities of different ages carrying it with different kinds of clothes- from jeans (think it looks great) to more elegant clothes. And if you are young and dress young, the bag can't make you old. It just adds a very special and chic touch. I am really happy with mine and i use it also almost everyday.

  14. I don't see why you couldn't wear Chanel bags with jeans at any age! I don't really like the one on ebay that you posted. I really love their classic flap bags, especially with silver hardware. I have a small classic flap bag in pink caviar with silver hardware, but rarely use it because it's so small and the pink is hard to match, but it's so cute! Black is much more practical. Chanels are so classic and they dress up any outfit.
  15. i absolutely adore chanel :love: , good thing i cant afford to splash out on them or else id be broke with a collection of chanel bags! To be honest I prefere the chanel look compared to other designers, like LVs and as much as i love Gucci im currently loving Chanel more.... Its a real feminine classic touch and even though im only 20 it can look great on any age, it all depends how you piece your outfit together and how it makes you feel when you're wearing it! Personally i wouldnt go for the black colour i would go for the pink/white or nude shade. :shame: