Chanel fans, can you ID this bag...

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  1. Can anyone who loves Chanel tell me what season/year this bag is from?

    Also, can anyone remeber what it would have retailed for, or if you know the actual name of it please tell me.

    The picture is from Ebay, and property of personalshoppers.

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  2. I don't remember seeing this bag... is it for sure authentic?... hopefully someone else can help you!
  3. personalshoppers is a good seller; but, I cannot for the life of me place this bag; granted my Neimans and Saks are not AA stores; so, the fact that I have not seen it does not mean much. :P
  4. i actually remember seeing that bag at the chanel in my saks i think about a year ago.......but i found it pretty much stashed away at the back of one of their storage closets, and i got the impression that even then it was past season so i think that it's at least 2-3 years past......

    as for retail price sorry i can't really remember but i remember thinking that for chanel it was rather decently priced.....
  5. Thank you - that helps a lot. :biggrin:
  6. love to be of service.....

    funny that i was eyeing that bag this morning as well :worried: but i've got my heart set on a different from........i never buy anything from personalshopper but i do love to check out her bag/jewelry selection like obsessively every day just to see what she has.....

    and she's soso courteous and nice about answering questions
  7. I bought a balenciaga from her; it was used by her, so much less than what she normally sells her bags for.

    I was very happy with her service, and am very drawn to this bag for some reason.
  8. after doing a little digging on the internet i'm pretty sure the bag was from the fall/winter collection for either 2004 or 2005 (i'm thinking 2005) and that it retailed for $1300-1400ish.......

    and i think it's called the grand shopper but again i could be totally off....

    and i totally agree that there's just something about that bag....i've probably looked at it a hundred times the shape and how comfortable it looks.......

  9. hmmm..thank you again - I am going to take that name and do some digging. :biggrin:
  10. the name might be hard to work with but just for a general idea you can type in "chanel" and "caviar" in ebay and look at the completed listings because there are i think 1-2 or those that sold in the past and similar bags from that line (with the big metal buttony things)
  11. Are you going to buy this one?

    Please let me know, I am watching it, but don't want to take it from you. :worried:

    I called my Neimans, it was from last fall, went on sale and sold out.

    The PS price is probably fair, I am sure she got it on the sale and can now make a little money off it while keeping it right under the original retail price.
  12. that's so sweet but it's all yours........

    i was watching another of her bags, and i missed the end of the auction (nobody bid) and so i contacted her and she offered me an incredible price on it that i can't refuse so i'll probably be going with that one (this cute cute coral colored caviar shoulder bag).........

    that said if there weren't such a big price difference between this bag and the other one i'd be all over's gorgeous

    ur so resourceful....never would've occured to me to call neiman's but i do agree that her prices are very reasonable imo
  13. A coral caviar bag, sounds very nice.

    Congrats on getting it at a "can't refuse" price. :biggrin:

    We'll see how this one shakes out, this bag has been enabling my procrastination today, time to get to work for me. :P
  14. I've seen those styles referred to as the "Big Eyes" bags. I have no idea of the year or price, even though I have seen a few around. At first I thought they were odd-looking but then they grew on me. But then again...I'm a sucker for anything Chanel!
  15. I've seen those styles in the Chanel I'm guessing they must be at least a year old. I really like them though, and I think you should get it!