Chanel "Fanny Packs"

  1. Hi All!

    I'm in love with the Cambon fanny pack but the SA in Toronto told me that it was only a seasonal frustrating! Anyone seen any or knows of any that are left over?

    Also, does Chanel make any other fanny packs in their other lines?

  2. Seasonal? Weird, I haven't heard that.
    Yes, there's others, I don't know which lines though.
    Hopefully someone here knows!
    There was at least one at my NM a few weeks ago, I didn't look at it closely so I can't tell you much about it. I can give you the name and # of my SA there and you could find out though.
  3. Here we go....
    I hope you talking about this one.
    It is the same soft leather as a square vintage collection.
    If not mistake it's in SOFT VINTAGE collection.
    Also have messenger bag came out around Jan 2006 for summer.
    Came in gold and black as you can see.
    The size is around 3.5" X 7.5"
    retail arouns 1100.00 might be 1095.00 I am not sure.
    You still can find them in most of boutique.
    I think you just have to ask for it.
    It's in your Chanel SA cabinet somewhere.
  4. The Chanel in Short Hills has the black one...saw it yesterday.
  5. Wow, these are all great ladies! I'm interested in the Cambon one - Swanky Mama of Three - is the Cambon fanny pack a classic item???
    I really sure do hope so. I'd appreciate the number of your SA, that would be great. Even though I called the Toronto store, the SA didn't seem too helpful or knowledgeable.
  6. I have the gold one show in the pic GIAGIAJA posted...very subdued gold though so it is almost a neutral tone color and you can wear just the belt too which has a nice gunmetal finish buckle with the CC logo :smile:
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  13. haha, i was saying that I would wear a fanny bag to club the other day so that I can move hand-free, and Chanel one would be better, oh gosh, there is Chanel fanny bag... do I have to wear it to the club?