Chanel Fanny Pack!

  1. hey all !! I was shopping the other day and i saw a women carrying a chanel black and white fanny pack or waist belt u might call it... it looked like those gucci waist bags that everyone has these days. anyways i loved it and wondered if anyone knows if chanel really makes them....if so where can i find it? please respond.....thanks:biggrin:
  2. You may wish to do a search, this has been asked this week already.
    Yes, chanel makes belt bags.
  3. Chanel and "fanny Pack" in the same sentence!!!! Funny. Was it the Chanel Waist Pouchette?
  4. They make them every couple of years... your best bet is to call Chanel and ask!!
  5. Burukogepanda posted this white cambon one in the reference library ($1395).