Chanel Fall 2010 - All Flaps & Reissues - **Pics**

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  1. Just wanted to share what I received from my SA Peggy Urban at Nordstrom Seattle today. Her contact info. is 206-628-1253 I love them all and don't know which one I want to get, hopefully many tPF'ers will find their HG bag.

    Here is what she has. Nordstrom is also having triple points, Sept. 22-26, so I am hoping to get one too.

    I do not have prices, so you will have to contact her for those. With all the price increases, I cannot keep up anymore.:happydance:

    01)Jumbo lambskin ivory, gold hardware.
    02)Jumbo lambskin chocolate with gold hardware.
    03)Jumbo black lambskin gold hardware.
    04)Jumbo caviar in black with silver hardware, maxi is available too.
    05)Jumbo caviar red with silver hardware, maxi is also available.
    06)Jumbo caviar chocolate with silver hardware, maxi is also available.
    07)Jumbo lambskin in black with silver hardware.
    08)Reissue in 226 distressed leather in black with ruthenium hardware, 227 available.
    09)Reissue in 226 brown lambskin with gold hardware.
    10)Reissue 226 red lambskin with ruthenium hardware.
    11)Reissue in black caviar ruthenium hardware both 226 and 227 available.
    12)Reissue in red caviar with ruthenium hardware.
    13)227 distressed leather in a 227 black with gold hardware.

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  2. More pics

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  3. Last of the pictures

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  4. oh my gosh. LOVE LOVE LOVE the black caviar reissue :nuts: thanks for posting!!
  5. Thanks for posting these Fall beauties! Trying to be good until Spring! :nuts:
  6. Black and red caviar reissues are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE BEAUTIES.....
    Thank for sharing...:nuts:
  8. Thank you for sharing!!! :drool:
  9. :tup:nice info. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I wish they have more colours for the caviar reissue! Love how light the chains are.
  11. That's my favorite too.....
  12. Is the ivory basically the same color as beige clair?
  13. love it. thanks for sharing..
  14. Gorgeous eye candy!! I just drool over the black distressed 227 with ghw.
  15. Love all of them! Thanks for sharing.