Chanel Fall 2007 Pre-Collection Preview

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Thanks for posting! Does anyone know the name and price of the frame bag? Thought I saw it in another post, now I can't find it.
    Darn. If anyone knows the colors it will be available in too?

  3. I loved the expandable frame bag when I saw it at the trunk show, and that's the first really good picture I've seen of it. I think the price is around $2,600ish, but to be honest I can't remember exactly. I listed for it in brown, but I know it was available in other colors.
  4. Just to add, there were several expandable styles and some variation in the colors ordered for each. As a group, I remember black, brown, white and red -- just not every color in every style.
  5. Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  6. I would love to see the expandable frame bag! Do you remember how large it was??
  7. The frame bag is $2,795 or so. I had waitlisted for that bag at the Chanel trunk show and it came in last week, but I passed because for $3,000 (+ tax), I didn't feel excited about it.
  8. Those are fake.
  9. Is the 4th pic the "frame bag"?
  10. The frame bag has a YSL Muse shape to me. What do you think?
  11. I think it's really similar to Prada..even my SA said it was the "Prada looking bag" when he called me about it.