chanel fall 2006 black and gold bag

  1. please help me find the fall 2006 blavk anf gold bag. I know i saw it on here a month or so ago, and i can't remember the name. It was a big black bag with gold splatter looking desginer and gold hardware.


    a picture would also be GREAT!:yes:
  2. i believe it is shiny patent leather looking also!
  3. did you mean black and gold?
    Can you elaborate?
    Was the bag black and the hardware gold or what do you mean?
    How big was it, was it quilted, smooth, a flap bag, etc. . . . ?
  4. yes black and gold! it was pretty big. i know it was part of the fall 06 line. it was smooth but had a very shiney look. the bag was essentially black, but there was gold paint/splatter on it (looked rubbed on almost). also had gold hardware
  5. looks like this.. just will gold all over it. as well as gold hardware
  6. Here is the link to what the bag basically looks like. this is the all black one.. i am looking for the gold splattered one! please let me know if anyone has a pic for it! or what it is called:yes:

    Chanel Fall 2006 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  7. The bag in that pic is the Coco Cabas. The first ones were made in vinyl, looks like the pic is of the vinyl one. They also come in leather. In the Cruise Collection there is a smaller version. As far as a gold splattered one, my SA did not mention one, I have not seen a pic of one, or seen a post about one on this forum.
  8. ^yep, the Vinyl Coco Cabas, there's no styles w/ splattering though, at least not that I've ever heard of.
    Maybe it was a counterfeit{?}
  9. ok thats girls!
    i could have sworn i saw one with the gold on it on here a couple months back. hmm..
  10. Search the forum using the Search option. I have not seen anything on this forum like that.