Chanel F/W 2007 Trunk Show

  1. This is WAY early, but I thought I'd just give my favoritest girlies the head's up. (I've already marked it on my calendar to take the day off :p)

    Monday, May 7 is Chanel F/W 2007 Trunk Show at Saks BH!! :wlae: Quilted reissue, here I come...
  2. what happens at the trunk show???
  3. A preview of the upcoming season's collection and afterwards you put your name on The Hallowed WaitList :yes:
  4. i have to work on Monday......that sucks i can't go....
  5. I do too, but I'm planning to take the day off :yes:
  6. ^^ have fun sweetie and report back on all the goodies!:yes:

  7. Sounds like someone is going to have a Chanel induced headache and call in sick?! lol
  8. thank you for posting. i want to take a day off to go too. may be i will go during my lunch hour.
  9. Funny story...I told my boss I was planning on taking the day off, and he asked why. Then he interrupted me before I could say anything and said: "Let me guess...trunk sale??" :lol:
  10. ^^ wow, he knows you well, huh?:p
  11. You are such a riot!!!
  12. :p I'm the youngest one in our office and I think my colleagues like to indulge what I'm sure they view as "frivolous" bag and shoe addictions.
  13. it's good to have a such an understanding boss !!!:yahoo:
  14. Oh wow! Thanks for posting! Fall seems so far off, yet...can't wait!