chanel f/w 2005 bags??

  1. anyone know how easy would it be to find this chanel bag from the f/w 2005 collection?? :wondering
    it's the black square vintage tote...

    i emailed, and they just directed me to a list of their stores.
  2. FYI- they have this bag in the Honolulu Waikiki Chanel boutique- or they had it as of last week! I think they had it in 2 colors!

    really??? i'll check on that. thank you!!!
  4. they have it at neiman's in atlanta. 404-266-8200, i had one in the marketplace as well.
  5. They have it (as of last week) at the Bloomies in NY (212) 705-2856. Ask for Nel - he's my SA there and very nice.
  6. savannah, is your sold already?
  7. Neimans in Plano, TX had that a week ago when I bought my caviar tote.
  8. blah.
    i just called the scp chanel to check on the waikiki chanel, and no luck. apparently, they did this same tote again for spring but in a less boxy shape.
  9. ^^ Did you try the NM stores that everyone's recommended? I know that Savannah has one in the Marketplace too--she only buys the real deal and her bags are very well taken care of....
  10. ah, i finally found it (savannah's bag)!
    i'm thinking about it now, whether i mind a used bag for this one...
  11. Jennifer, I just pmed you.
  12. I just saw one in NM in Palo Alto, CA last Saturday.

    Beautiful bag!
  13. Yes. I really love this bag. So squishy, and with the envelope corners. Very cute.
  14. unfortunately, savannah's bag is already gone. :sad2:
    i think i have some sort of really weird bag fever that is causing me to think irrationally... there should be a name for such a condition.
    i am going out of town tomorrow so i'm just going to give myself some time to calm down before i make some impulse buy!!

    thanks to everyone for listing where you had seen the bag! you guys are really great. :biggrin:
  15. I saw this in the Waikiki Chanel boutique 2 days ago. They had it in bone too.