Chanel eyewear

  1. hey everyone!

    im currently looking for a pair of Chanel prescription eyeglasses and i was wondering if anyone knows any good online sites so i can use it as a price reference and to get familair with all the options :smile:. im looking for plastic frames. not wire ones.

    just to let everyone know, ive tried on a few pairs already so im just looking at my options.

    any modeling pics would be great as well.
  2. Well the only place I would look online is the actual Chanel website just to get an idea of what you want. Most of the prices range from $320-$600 for the frames.
  3. I just got a pair of Chanel frames plus rx from Lenscrafters. If you have AAA for your car, they give you a discount, 30% I think. They have a nice selection.
    My frames are #5117H. I just looked them up on CHANEL. Go to the CHANEL web page and navigate to eyewear, optical and they are 8. Mine are color wine colored ("bordeaux" just like my GST!) with tortoise inside. They are very nice and good frames. They were hard to adjust because I wear progressives but once I got a good adjustment, they were good. They slipped on my nose at first.
    PM me if you want more info.
  4. THANKS Balto Bag Lady !!