Chanel eyeshadow is amazing and stays on forever

  1. So I bought the Chanel garden party quad on a whim to try it out. I am so impressed. I usually wear Clinique eyeshadow but it doesn't stay on for longer than an hour or two. Imagine my surprise when I applied the Chanel eyeshadow at 6pm tonight and took a shower at 11pm and when I got out my eyeshadow was still on. Then of course I took it off with remover... but I am so happy! $50 is a lot to spend on eyeshadow on a student budget but it was totally worth the investment.
  2. Thank you for the review! I was going to wait until the holiday shadows were released but after reading your post I may have to get some now!
  3. They have the best eye shadow. I love it.
  4. I love Chanel eyeshadows. They're the best. They blend in so easily and look so natural. Nothing ever compares.
  5. thanks for the review! i'm gonna take my chanel eyeshadow out and try now! :smile:
    i tend to buy a lot of makeup and not use it.
  6. they do have the best shadow, I love it too
  7. Dang, I'm an eyeshadow addict! Now I have to try some.
  8. I just bought a Chanel eyeshadow and I don't like it. The problem could be that I am using it with another brand on top, but I put on the Chanel first and then put my darker color in the crease of my eye over it and it doesn't blend. It looks all blotchy. I'm going to get some more Urban Decay like the dark color. They blend better together.
  9. IMO, Chanel anything is awesome! I'm not an eyeshadow person, but I may just try some out now. I was just at my Nordstrom's Chanel counter today for some glossimer (Equinoxe rocks by the way!), I'll just have to go back.
  10. Not an eyeshadow person here, but I must agree that most of the Chanel products give you your money's worth. Congrats!
  11. I really only wear greens and neutrals on my eyes. Therefore it was worth it to me to invest in one compact that has all the colors I need. I was skeptical at first because as we all know sometimes luxury brands charge a ton for a regular or inferior product. After wearing it for a few days I am so impressed by it's staying power.

    It probably didn't blend because it was a different brand. Different eyeshadows contain different ingredients. The consistencies could be different and that would cause problems blending. Maybe buy a darker color in Chanel and try it that way? I've never worn eyeshadow before that blended so easily, and I've tried all the dept. store brands like Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder and M.A.C. I've never been so impressed with a product.
  12. If you were using Urban Decay w/ Chanel, I suspect the color would have looked really strong & unnatural. I used to love Urban Decay before I switched to Chanel, so I do have a quite a bit of collection from that brand. When I tried to blend UD w/ Chanel, it got blotchy like you said, b/c UD color was a lot stronger. UD + UD blends well but I feel the color is a bit strong so I prefer Chanel. Chanel + Chanel should blend well & give you more of a natural look, IMO. Go to Chanel counter and have them blend the colors for you.
  13. I got the Garden Party palette as well. I absolutely love it. I alternate between using it and Spices. I'm a huge Chanel convert.
  14. I got the Sequoia Palette and its gorgeous!
  15. chicbabacool, are you in europe or US?
    The reason why I ask is that i've read varying reviews of the chanel eyeshadow quads, it seems that the european editions are much, much better in pigmentation and application.

    I read on MUA, the quads sent to the US are of lower quality and hard to put on smoothly, let alone scrape from the baked rounds. Anyone hear the same? i just ordered the stagelights quad from Nordstroms, and i'm sort of wishing I ordered it from strawberrynet instead, as they distribute the european editions from HK.