Chanel eyeglasses

  1. Does anyone know were I can get a good price on Chanel eyeglasses?
  2. well, if you're looking for a brand new pair, they don't go on sale (so you'd be paying full retail price) but if you are willing to try eBay, then you may get a better price (whether new or used, I'm not sure).
  3. I've seen some online for a little less ($20-50 off) but I would be very cautious about authenticity...good luck!
  4. If you have an AAA membership, you can get 30% off frames and lenses at LensCrafters. You just need to have the card with you and it needs to have your name on it (can't use spouse or relative's card)...

    Mine are Dolce & Gabbana and they only ended up being ~$200 total :yahoo:...
  5. Yes, I bought some Prada eyeglasses at Lenscrafters with my vision insurance. But lenscrafters always seems to have coupons for $ off lenses and/or frames. You might want to check at the one closest to you, I don't think all of them carry all the designers, but from what I saw alot of locations have, D&G, Prada, Chanel, etc.
  6. You can try eBay but you need to be very careful as there are a lot of fakes out there. It might be best to just save up and buy at full price. At least you will know that you have the real thing.
  7. Thanks. I am going to go to lenscrafters. I am not good at picking out authentic items on eBay.