Chanel eyeglasses

  1. Hi everyone.

    This is my first post on the Chanel subforum and I'm sorry it's not about the beautiful bags...

    Does anyone own or have purchased Chanel eyeglasses?
    If so,
    (1) How do you like them?
    (2) Did you get them at the Chanel boutique? Or an optician/eyeglass store?
    (3) Also how much do they retail for approx?

    I really like some of their eyeglasses I've seen online and was wondering about them..

    Please guide me ladies!!!:smile:
  2. These are mine's

    1) I love them! actually, i'm probably not the best person to ask because i still havent had the lenses changed to my prescription but they're pretty, LOL!

    2) got them from lenscrafter

    3) This pair was ~$198.
  3. I have two pair and I love both of them. Both pair were around $350 for the frames and then the price of the lens varies. I purchased mine also at Lenscrafters. I'll post pics a little bit later.
  4. Mine is chanel 2087B black. Has rhinestone on the side. about $375. bit on the heavy side. but very stylish. worth the buck
  5. I bought them in the optical store, but some online websites offer cheaper price.
  6. Pics ladies!! I want another pair!
  7. Ohh mello_yello_jen thank you for the photo... those look very office chic.

    I should check out lensecrafters!

    Thank you for the info ladies!!

    I promise to post pictures of them once I purchase!!
  8. I got a pair from Lenscrafter's as well. They were $300 .
  9. I love their glasses.:heart: The boutiques do NOT sell the eyeglass frames, only the sunglasses, so you have to go to an "authorized" Chanel dealer. I go to Lenscrafters. The frames retail anywhere from $200 to $400 ish ?? I am guessing. I can't remember b/c I get the lenses as well (obviously LOL;) ).

    For the girls who get them from Lenscrafters, this was previously mentioned, but if you have AAA you get 30% off the purchase of the frames & lenses together. If you get the frames alone or the lenses alone it's 15% off.

    Here are pics of mine in this thread:
  10. I also have Chanel eyeglasses, and I love them. I purchased them at Lenscrafters in Canada, and the frames with prescription lenses were about 550 CAD.

    I have these in black--the top picture:

    chanel-eyewear-eyeglasses - Model Chanel eyewear 2106 - Code: CC 2106
  11. ^^^Yikes! Sorry that ended up being so huge!
  12. I plan on getting Chanel sunglasses my next trip to Charlotte. Our Lenscrafters does not sell the Chanel line.
  13. Debbie, NM and Nordstroms at SouthPark also sell Chanel sunglasses. Nordstroms has a pretty big selection - I got mine there. And let me know when you come, I'd love to meet ya there.
  14. ^^That sounds good Lib. I need to get RX put into my sunglasses. I'm guessing NM does not do that. I know that the Lenscrafters there had Chanel glasses, but I didn't have my RX along to see if they could make it work. I know that many of their glasses have huge lenses and if they're too big, it won't work for my RX. Right now, I'm using a Dior pair that I got at Lenscrafters.
  15. I LOVE Chanel sunglasses, but have had 3 big issues with them:

    1) The current style is a curved frame (also known as a wrapped style). Does not fit or flatter everyones face- mine included.

    2) The bridge on many of them does not fit well, esp. if you can not wear the wrapped style

    3) The side bar, because many of the them are quite wide, interferes with driving; you can not see when you glance to your left or right unless you turn your entire head. It causes a very dangerous blind spot.

    I would love to find a pair of oversized black frames that do not wrap AT ALL and have a narrow sidebar (like regular glasses). So far, in the past 4 years, they have NOT been made by Chanel. I can tell you that #3 is the #1 reason my local Saks and Solstice stores have Chanel sunglasses returned. I believe it; I was almost in an accident because of the sunglass "blind spot".