Chanel eyeglasses - where?

  1. Where in the states can i order chanel eyeglasses over the phone? Im in Australia! THe department store boutiques dont seem to stock them. Do the stand alone boutiques stock eyeglasses? Any recommendations? Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. select lenscrafter carries Chanel eyeglasses but I'm not too sure if they ship, it's worth giving them a call!
  3. There are many many online websites that sell discounted Chanel eyeglass frames. I got mine for only $175 with prescription lenses! Just do a quick google search. :smile:
  4. eBay has a lot of good ones too. I've bought and sold a number of nice Chanel frames there.
  5. hm... Saks & NM ship internationally... so does chanel boutiques?
  6. Hi,
    I bought my Chanel eyeglasses from The Kenwood Towne Center Mall in Cincinnati, OH. I know that they always have Chanel frames on a regular basis. I don't have their phone number information, but I may be able to find it for you so that you can call and see if they ship. I will call my girlfriend and see if she can get me that number. You may need a frame style number, though.
  7. Saks can ship world wide, but not sure about custom fees in Australia, eBay is also another good place to buy it :0
  8. im in australia to love, and i just bought mine from and saved about 50% off retail. its insane how exxy they are here!
  9. do saks and neimans really sell optical frames?? I will give them a call!
  10. Maria27885, Saks & NM just sell the sunglasses as far as I know. If optical frames are prescription frames, I have never seen them at NM or Saks.
  11. I just got mine from "optical shop of Aspen". they are a high end bricks and mortar retailer in the US, also in the middle east and europe I believe. I know for a fact that they can order chanel if they don't already stock it. They have a corporate office in Paris call 33(0)1 58 39 37 00 or
  12. The selection on eBay is pretty good, and they are almost always brand new and way below retail.
  13. I was just in Lenscrafters on Market Street in San Francisco. This is one of their Flagship Stores so they have a decent sized selection. They have some really cute styles - sunnies and regular glasses. Some of the Sunnies have Camellias on the side (one in silver with rhinestones throughout the other have enamel petals) , several have the large CC' s on the side and one pair has the mini rhinestone cc's on the front in the upper corners of the frame with the quilted look handles. All very cute. I didn't look at the glasses too closely, but I did notice some with the large CC's on the side. The store number is 415/896.0680.
  14. If you live in Sydney, you may want to try the optical shops in Chinatown e.g. Market City. They are definitely authentic chanel eyeglasses there! And they costs full price there.... abt 400 plus for a pair.
  15. I know OPSM carries them. You can call them and check with them.