Chanel Eye Candy!

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  1. Enjoy!

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  2. re: picture #4.....Please Mr Alligator...dont eat my Chanel bag........!!!!!!
  3. love the jacket in it chanel?

    and love love love the bag in #4......anybody know how much it costs?
  4. Jacket is by Malandrino, $1,450
    Chanel bag is $1,475, calfskin.
  5. thank u Savannah :P
  6. You are welcome.
  7. Thanks! Where are those from?
  8. Elle Accessories Spring 2006. Love the Chanel bag in your Avatar. Which one is that?
  9. I'lll take bag #3. Love that color! :love:
  10. Oooohh... the one in the first pic is really fun. I also like the one in the second pic.
  11. I've been looking for this Elle Accessories edition. I guess I'll have to look again!
  12. Ohhh...looks like pic #4 is a new bag in the vintage line. Love those bags!
  13. Ha ha! Didn't even see the alligator until I read Jill's post!
  14. i am digging the 2nd bag as well. But do you gals find the large "chanel" writing on the front an overkill?
  15. I do, I much prefers the CC instead.