chanel experts, pls help viewing this bag have in black color?

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  1. hihi.. I gotten this Chanel which is like quite many years down the road..
    The problem is as it's light green. the leather for the straps and the side of bag have gone dirty. and the patent got slight pink stains here and there back and front of bag.
    I went for the professional bag cleaners. But they told me cleaning when done, the effect will be be minimal and afraid I'll not be sastified. so they recommended me to bring it for redye and only can black...

    i remember seeing this style in light pink..
    do they have it in black??? will it be funny???

    will appreciate if anyone can help... tks

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  2. Did you try taking it to Chanel to see what they can do/suggest?

    I would just get it cleaned and not dye it. Even if the results are minimal it will still be cleaner!